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German parts in Canada

Largest Catalogue of German AutoParts in Canada

Explore Canada's online store for German auto parts.Browse our catalog of affordable and reliable german parts with exclusive discounts and free shipping. Navigate through our extensive catalog, featuring original and aftermarket German parts. Benefit from the best deals on German autoparts in Canada, ensuring affordability without compromising quality.

Discover a diverse range of Canadian automotive parts at unbeatable prices. Our commitment to efficiency means that every order, including German car parts, is processed within an hour, available for same-day pickup or delivered swiftly within 2 business days. Dive into our extensive OEM and aftermarket parts catalog, knowing you're selecting from the finest that Canada has to offer.

Our unmatched selection of autoparts caters to both cars and trucks, eliminating the need to search elsewhere. With a team boasting substantial experience in the auto repair industry, we provide unparalleled expertise. At, we stand as your reliable partner, delivering the quality you deserve for your German vehicle.

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Purchase top-quality German auto parts at PartsAvatar, Canada's leading auto parts store. Enjoy free shipping on a wide range of affordable components, exploring the largest new & used auto parts catalog in Canada with discounts on OEM and aftermarket parts.

Buy with confidence as our dedicated Canadian auto parts specialists are available for chat, offering expert guidance 24/7 to meet your vehicle's specific needs. From essential items like oils, spark plugs, and filters to critical suspension or exhaust parts, our comprehensive inventory caters to all your auto shop requirements. Elevate your vehicle's performance with precision-engineered German auto parts that align with your car's capabilities. Choose as your trusted source for quality auto components.

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Buy German parts for All Cars

Discover premium quality and discounted German auto parts in Canada at PartsAvatar. Experience swift shipping across the country and enjoy savings on top-quality components for your German vehicle. Benefit from our exceptional deals, including free shipping for orders above $99 within Canada.

Our strategically located warehouses ensure that most orders, including German car parts, are delivered within 1-2 days, whether you're in Edmonton, Ottawa, Calgary, Surrey, Vancouver, or Winnipeg. Find the right German auto parts needed to keep your car running smoothly, no matter the make or model. Whether it's a Mercedes, Volkswagen, Subaru, Honda, Toyota, Ford, Chevrolet, Hyundai, Nissan, or BMW, we have the parts to meet your car's specific needs. Browse through our extensive collection of discounted German auto parts below and experience unparalleled affordability and quality.

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Buy Auto Parts from German parts Manufacturers

Explore a sale featuring German parts for all vehicles, with discounts available on both OEM and aftermarket options. Delve into the extensive catalog of German parts and benefit from free shipping on budget-friendly components. Discover precise components to guarantee optimal performance and efficiency for your vehicle. Regardless of whether you own a Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Volvo, or Porsche, we offer the suitable German parts to cater to your car's specific requirements. Take advantage of our inventory to easily find German parts near you for various vehicle makes.

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Why are German car parts so expensive?

German car parts are often perceived as expensive due to several factors. These include the use of high-quality materials, advanced engineering, and precision manufacturing associated with German automotive brands. Additionally, the rigorous quality standards and cutting-edge technologies contribute to the overall cost of production, making German car parts reflect a commitment to excellence and performance.

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Are German car parts made in China?

While some German car manufacturers may source certain components from China, it's important to note that not all German car parts are made in China. German automakers often have a global supply chain, and components can be manufactured in various countries based on cost, efficiency, and expertise. The origin of specific parts depends on the manufacturer and the component in question.

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Established in 2015, Parts Avatar is dedicated to evolving into Canada's premier home-grown destination for German auto parts. Your trust and support have propelled us forward. As proud Canadians, our commitment extends beyond borders. Most appreciate us for our exceptional product range and seamless shopping experience. Explore Parts Avatar, your trusted source for quality German auto parts in Canada.

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Parts Avatar stands as a fervent advocate for the Right to Repair movement. Our mission is to simplify and economize vehicle repairs for consumers. We firmly believe in manufacturers sharing information and supplying essential diagnostic tools, ensuring cost-effective solutions for the repair and maintenance of your cherished German vehicles. Join us in the pursuit of accessible and affordable automotive care with Parts Avatar – your ally in German auto parts excellence.