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The BMW X5 was the first BMW SUV back in the late 1990s. Externally, the new X5 looks like the previous car's unexciting evolution, while the interior matches modern rivals for fit, finish and style. Worryingly for a brand promising a dynamic driving experience, the new BMW X5 is lagging behind in driver engagement. The chassis will not live up to the potential of embarking on a raft of technology. However, the X5 is comfortable and spacious, and provides seating for seven if you are willing to sacrifice some room for the boot. If you're looking for a premium picture, luxury interior and plenty of practicality, the X5 won't disappoint you; it's just that it's no longer the flagship SUV that sets the standards in its class.

The original BMW X5 brought sporty handling to the 4x4 sector but it has modified the concept of how an SUV can drive. Now, the best cars in this class combine sharp handling and excellent off-road performance to match the top luxury saloons with refinement. Yet even if you specify the X5 with the Adaptive Dynamic suspension, which some owners may find too difficult, for all-round driver appeal, it can not match the current class leaders. The BMW rides too firmly in the sporty settings while body roll is well managed, making Comfort the mode you want to stick to. And you wonder if the car really needs so many different settings.

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