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Boasting a sporty vibe, the Acura Integra was a hatchback that represented Acura’s focus on engineering excellence and build quality. A smashing hit, the Integra's balance of reliability and performance were the key features that made it the perfect cheaper alternative for German and American imports. In the early 90s, the Integra was introduced by Acura with VTEC variable valve timing technology and was the first ever car to obtain the futuristic NSX. Undeniably, the Integra proved that Acura could compete with multinational luxury car manufacturers in terms of cabin interior design, price and creature comfort. Not only was it an epitome of consumer success but it also left a profound mark at the heart of the automotive world.

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You can totally count on us for your Acura Integra auto parts, be it roof racks, wheels, replacement parts, or performance parts as we have stored it all for you. Priced carefully, you can check out a wide line of supreme quality lift kits, transmission parts, suspension parts, automotive lights, rims and steering parts for your Acura Integra. All you need to do is search for your specific car part from the menu such as “Acura Integra rim” etc. and you will be loaded with all the available options. Now, you needn’t spend hours strolling streets and compromise due to quality and quantity issues. We have sourced auto parts from leading manufacturers such as Rigid Industries, Dayco, MSD Ignition, Jaltest etc, equivalent to Acura OEM parts.

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Experiencing Performance Issues with Your Acura Integra? Know the Instant Solution to Your Problems with PartsAvatar Canada! Have a look below:

  1. Acura Integra Airbag Problem - A serious problem, fault in Airbag arises due to defective airbag sensors, electrical parts, burnt wiring and defective air modules. Visit PartsAvatar to address the problem immediately and get your hands on quality replacement components and parts. 
  2. Acura Integra Interior Problem - A common complaint noticed includes a failure in the interiors and electrical system of the Acura Integra. Symptoms include display of wrong information to the driver, complete malfunction in a number of electrical parts. When such a condition is noticed, visit PartsAvatar to get genuine Acura Integra interior parts
  3. Acura Integra Transmission Problem - Common symptoms when the transmission is defective include noisy transmission and slipping transmission. These problems arise due to low transmission fluid levels, defective torque converter or transmission gear mechanism and number of other transmission parts. Check out PartsAvatar Canada for Acura Integra transmission parts
  4. Acura Integra Body Parts Problem - Problem with old Integra body parts is often registered by drivers in relation to the car’s frame, structure, underbody shield and trunk lid. In order to replace them with new ones visit PartsAvatar Canada to get new Acura Integra body parts.
  5. Acura Integra Engine Failure Problem - Engine failure arises due to overheating, contaminated oil (usually by coolant, failed circulation and other contaminants). Whenever the engine is seized, the heat and pressure of the pistons is fused against cylinder walls. Warning signs include an illuminated check engine warning light, fall in fuel economy and power, dropping gas mileage, engine stalls and rough functioning. Visit PartsAvatar for some quality Acura Integra engine components
  6. Acura Integra Steering Problems - A number of problems are often experienced with the steering of the car. Signs include cars getting pulled in one direction, steering getting locked while reversing etc. Visit PartsAvatar Canada to get your hands on brand new Acura Integra steering systems.
  7. Acura Integra Fuel System Problem - This problem with Fuel system arises due to a clogged fuel filter, fuel injector, fuel pump or any other part. When the load is increased, the filter consequently leads to a reduced flow. When the fuel filter gets dirty, it hampers the functioning of the fuel pump. In order to avoid such issues, visit PartsAvatar to get Acura Integra fuel delivery systems and components. 
  8. Acura Integra Brake Problems - Often, Acura Integra owners complain about car brake problems such as squeaking noises etc. This happens due to the malfunction in brake fluid problems and problems in the master cylinder and worn out brake pads and brake line. Visit PartsAvatar to buy top quality Acura Integra brake parts

For different Acura makes across all model years, PartsAvatar has a stocked inventory of premium quality auto parts and accessories that are needed for your Acura Integra, priced at unimaginable rates. In addition to quality parts, we offer 24/7 assistance and free shipping on orders over $75. Just a click away, now you can get your hands on a wide line of OEM parts for your Acura Integra type R as well . Whether it's an old model or a new one, we have got your covered!