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The Acura Integra, was a sporty hatchback that highlighted Acura's emphasis on excellence in engineering and build quality. The reliability and performance balance of the Integra has made it an instant success, especially for those buyers looking for a cheaper alternative to German or American imports. The Integra has built a great following of consumers over the years. Others have been interested in a simple commuter car while some are searching for a solid base for performance-parts alteration. The Integra managed to please everybody. Acura introduced its VTEC variable valve timing technology to the Integra in the early'90s, using its experience gained from Formula 1 racing to pioneer new innovations for its passenger cars. The Integra was the first car to obtain it after the futuristic NSX, and the device helped the car squeeze every drop in power out of its compact 4-cylinder engine while retaining an impressive fuel efficiency standard. The Integra has shown that Acura has been able to compete with major luxury car manufacturers in terms of cabin interior design, price and creature comforts. Not only was it an epitome of business success but it also left a deep mark at the heart of the auto industry. That's why being a man's favourite is still remembered.

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