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European cars are known for their reliance and luxury and Audi has packaged that philosophy into a compact sedan with the Audi A3. Plush interiors are Audi’s signature and so is the case with the A3 which embraces an infotainment display that hides when the car is turned off, smartphone integration, and audiophile pleasing audio system with as many as 14 speakers. Puissant engines are able to exhilarate the driver and perform well in all weather conditions with the optional all-wheel-drive. The ride is calm and composed with perfect steering responses. The Audi A3 attains a five-star rating from NHTSA and has many driver assistance features that come at a price.

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Are you looking for quality Audi A3 parts for your vehicle? If Yes, then PartsAvatar Canada can be your ultimate destination for all Audi A3 auto parts, be it Audi A3 fog lights or Audi A3 AC Compressors. We have in stock for you best priced and top-quality Audi A3 body parts, leather seats, spark plugs, roof racks, and more. To shop for Audi A3 parts, all you have to do is make a search for your specific car part from the given search menu such as “Audi A3 Oxygen Sensor” or “Audi A3 Spark Plugs''. Alternatively, you can also make a selection for your Audi model year from the given menu at the top. Place your orders on our secure site using PayPal, credit card, or through our customer service. Your order will be placed immediately and you will receive the processing status, confirmation, and updates by email.

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Are You Facing Problems With Your Audi A3? PartsAvatar Canada Is Here To Provide Solutions To Them Now!

Even with all the perks going in Audi A3’s way, you might face some issues over time with this car, especially with the model of the year 2015. Have a look at some of the frequently faced issues below:

  1. Audi A3 Engine Problems - If you have an Audi A3 2004 model, you might experience complaints related to excessive oil consumption and sudden loss of power by the engine. This makes the car accident-prone and can also be a hassle over long distances. This problem can be very troublesome as it increases the cabin noise immensely and can be resolved by replacing the old engine with the new Audi A3 engine parts online.
  2. Audi A3 Transmission Performance Problems - Transmission can be a major hindrance if it does not work properly and affects the overall performance of the vehicle as well as damages the other parts. This may lead to improper gear shifts, jerks, and loss of RPM and driving further damaging the clutch, axle, and other transmission parts. Thus, proper maintenance is advisable. You can order genuine Audi A3 transmission performance parts at PartsAvatar.
  3. Audi A3 Headlight Problems - The people who own Audi A3 might face problems related to dimming car headlights. This is a critical problem while driving at night and can lead to accidents. The common solution to this problem is to replace the old damaged car headlight with a brand new one. Visit PartsAvatar Canada to order high-quality Audi A3 Headlights.
  4. Audi A3 Tail Light Problems - The owners of the 2009 Audi A3 might face the problem that the tail light stops working. It not only poses problems for the driver but also for others on the street. This problem can be solved by replacing it with a brand-new tail light. Visit PartsAvatar Canada and buy a high-quality Audi A3 Tail Light.
  5. Audi A3 AC/Heater Problems - The people who own the 2004 model of Audi A3 might face some car AC/heater-related problems like AC not working. The problem can be solved by replacing the damaged parts with brand new ones. Get all necessary Audi A3 heating & air conditioning parts at PartsAvatar at the best prices.
  6. Audi A3 Timing Chain Problems - The people who own the 2004 model may experience the problem of timing chain stretch. This problem should not be taken lightly and demands an immediate timing belt change. You can get rid of this problem by visiting PartsAvatar Canada, and buying a top-notch Audi A3 Timing Chain.
  7. Audi A3 Power Train Problems - The people who own the 2006 Audi A3 model may face some powertrain-related issues like automatic transmission torque converter problems, transmission fluid leaking, transmission failure, issues with the differential unit problems, and transmission noise. Visit PartsAvatar Canada to order a top-quality Audi A3 Automatic transmission relay online.
  8. Audi A3 Airbag Problems - People might face some serious problems with 2006 Audi A3 airbags. The problems were airbag warning lights on, airbag failing to deploy, and issues with the front airbag. Solve this problem as soon as possible by changing the damaged airbag fuse. You can shop for the best-priced Audi A3 airbag fuse with us.

If you have any of these Audi A3 repair needs, don’t worry, PartsAvatar is here to help you.  You no longer need to choose between a  cheap auto-part or a top-quality part, you can have them both. Some of our replacement parts also come with lifetime warranties, better than on Audi A3 OEM parts. All our Audi A3 auto parts are handpicked to ensure the best quality also all our parts are sourced from popular and leading performance parts brands such as BECK/ARNLEY, LITTELFUSE, RAYBESTOS, etc. Buy car parts ranging from Audi A3 oxygen sensor and Audi A3 door handle for newest cars to Catalytic Converter parts for older Audi vehicles. Our online parts store is open for your orders 24/7 and you can also enjoy free shipping over $75 to save costs.  Always use high-quality parts to replace OEM parts. Shop only for brand new Audi A3 auto parts with us.