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The General Motors Truck Company (GMC), also referred to as the GMC Division of General Motors LLC, is a subunit of the American automobile manufacturing label General Motors. Its main focus is on trucks and utility vehicles. GMC sells pickup and commercial trucks, buses, vans, SUVs, crossovers, military vehicles, marketed worldwide by General Motors. There is no doubt that the General Motors Company reigns supreme within the automotive market. PartAvatar Canada has got all the GMC parts for your GMC trucks and SUVs. We have in stock all GMC body parts, car parts, truck parts, interior, and exterior parts. With us, you can also shop genuine GMC parts, GMC OEM parts in Canada, engine parts, exhaust parts, water pump, rear control arm, new GMC parts, repair parts, and GMC collision parts to keep your vehicle in perfect condition always. We guarantee to offer you the GMC wheels & tires, performance parts, Sierra parts, Yukon parts, Terrain parts, 2008 Acadia parts, and much more at the most affordable prices.

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Are You Facing These Problems with Your GMC Vehicle?

Here, we have prepared a list of common GMC problems and their solutions for you. The most common problems are reported for the 2008 Acadia, 2007 Acadia, 2014 Sierra 1500, 2010 Terrain, and the 2015 Sierra 1500

  1. GMC Suspension Failure - The rear air suspension fails to fill up when the temperature drops below freezing. You can hear the compressor running, but it does not fill up. This will result in making the rear suspension sit low. You can shop all GMC suspension parts to fix this issue with us. GMC Envoy 1998, Envoy 1999, 2002 GMC Envoy, 2003 Envoy, and 2008 GMC Envoy are the most affected GMC models.
  2. GMC Upper Dash Crack - If you are an inhabitant of a warm climate and are exposed to a lot of sunlight, your car’s upper dash might crack. The most common solution to this issue is to replace the upper instrument trim panel/dash panel. If you are facing this problem, you no longer need to worry about it as we have got pro-GMC dash panels at the most affordable prices. GMC Yukon Denali 1999, Yukon 2000, Yukon 2008 and 2013 Yukon usually face this problem.
  3. GMC Transmission Failure - 2008 GMC Acadia, 2007 Acadia, and 2010 Terrain are reported to have the most transmission failure problems. The repair cost might range between $3000 to $4000. The most effective manner to fix this problem is to replace the transmission. You can shop the high-end transmission for GMC Acadia and other GMC models only at Part Avatar at great prices.
  4. GMC Speedometer and Gauge Problems - If you own GMC Sierra 2500, you are at the risk of developing a speedometer or other instrument panel gauge to work erratically at times. Especially if you own 2001 Sierra,  2012 Sierra, and 2005 Sierra you might need to replace the dysfunctional part. You can shop the speedometers and gauges for GMC models at PartsAvatar Canada.
  5. GMC Brake Booster Failure - Your GMC Acadia might face brake booster failure due to an internally leaking brake master cylinder. The best solution to this problem is to replace the brake master cylinder with a new one. This problem is most common with GMC Acadia 2007, 2008, 2010, and 2015.
  6. GMC Throttle Body Problem - The dirty throttle body of your GMC vehicle might cause a lower than normal idle and possibly a stalling condition. GMC Yukon XL Denali 2001 to Yukon XL Denali 2010 are the most affected GMC models.
  7. GMC Gas Cap Issue - If you develop a loose or worn out gas cap you will witness the illumination of Check Engine Light. Envoy vehicle models of the years: 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002 might develop this gas cap issue which demands a replacement. 
  8. GMC Steering Issues - Your Sierra 1500’s steering may develop a clunk type noise from the upper intermediate steering shaft. You might need to fix this problem by replacing the upper steering shaft. 
  9. GMC Door Lock Actuator Failure - The power door lock actuators may become slow or stop working completely and require replacement. You might need to replace the door lock actuator with a genuine GMC door lock actuator available at PartsAvatar Canada.
  10. GMC Exterior Door Handle Might Break - GMC’s outside door handles are prone to breaking, almost all doors are affected by this condition. GMC Safari is more prone to this problem especially Safari 1990, Safari 1992, Safari 1993, and few other Safari models. All you need to fix this problem is to replace the damaged doors with a new one. We have in stock high end and best priced GMC door Handles. Shop now and get the best deals. 
  11. GMC Erratic Fuel Gauge Operations - It is common for the fuel level sensor in the fuel tank to read the fuel level incorrectly. The sensor must be replaced to correct the condition. GMC Sierra 1500 vehicles are the most affected Model. You can fix your car with DIY Fuel level sensors and fuel tanks.
  12. GMC Non - Functional Sunroof - The sunroof may stop working for various different reasons if you own GMC Yukon XL 1500 vehicles. It is often better to replace the complete sunroof assembly than to try and repair the old one.

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We at PartsAvatar have got all the DIY parts that will fit every pocket and are of top-notch quality. We have in stock GMC Sierra parts and accessories, 2015 GMC accessories, Sierra truck accessories, factory accessories, and much more from top trusted brands such as Hygrade Motor, Blue Streak, Dorman (OE Solutions), etc. With us, you can be sure of genuine GMC parts, performance parts, spare parts, GMC OEM parts, GMC body parts, and truck accessories in Canada. We also have available GMC medium-duty truck parts, truck seats, heavy-duty truck parts, pickup truck accessories. Are you looking for GMC model specific parts? All you have to do is to make a selection for your GMC specific part such as GMC spark plugs, muffler, starter, air filters for your GMC truck from the listed subcategories. You can also simply type in your part number (such as “DR39T”) or part name (such as “GMC Ignition coil”). For auto-parts, please select your car make and model (such as “GMC Car” or “GMC Truck”) from the available menu at the top.

We at PartsAvatar bring you a variety of GMC replacement parts, body parts, GMC truck parts, and GMC accessories. From parts of different GMC makes to different GMC models to different years, from the biggest manufacturers in the industry such as Dorman, Walker, General Electric, Mevotech and many more, we have it all. Just with a simple click, you can get replacement parts to body parts to the lightings, and also the tools and equipment for a quick fixer. And the best part? You can get it all for free delivery with a cart of above $75, all brought to your doorstep, almost anywhere across Canada! We won’t let you down as for us our customers are everything and our main motive is to achieve customer satisfaction.