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The Honda Fit is a five-door B segment manufactured and sold by Honda since 2001 and is now in its fourth generation, and it is also marketed as the Honda Jazz. The Fit fuel tank under the front seat and compact rear suspension made it possible to fold the rear seats especially low, providing a highly versatile and controlled freight capacity. Fit / Jazz of the second generation debuted on the 40th Tokyo Motor Show on 17 October 2007. For the second time, it was honored with the Car of the Year Japan Award in 2007. The car has a longer wheelbase than its predecessor, and overall it is wider and longer. The overall height is unchanged, with the inner height increasing by 3 in. Seat configurations of multimode and cargo have been retained (US models are no longer capable of refresh / relax mode till the next generation), with revised headrests that allow the rear seats to be folded more conveniently. The interior of the cabin was larger, with boot capacities decreasing between 21.3 and 20.6 m3. The Honda Fit was manufactured in 12 countries by 2012, including Japan, Brazil, China, India, and Indonesia.

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