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One of a kind, the Volkswagen Jetta boasts a perfect balance of a comfortable ride and a modern interior. Offering a spacious passenger room for a vehicle of this size, inside, it is equipped with a comprehensive infotainment system. The driving assistance features added to this sedan include adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitor, rear traffic alert, etc. With a great fuel economy and unmatchable performance, the Jetta definitely is a one-stop destination for all vehicle enthusiasts.

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Planning to revamp your Volkswagen Jetta? Well, PartsAvatar offers a solution for all your automotive needs. Get your hands on OEM equivalent Jetta replacement parts, performance parts, all interior and exterior parts, lighting solutions and accessories, etc. All the parts are sourced from top-notch manufacturers such as Aero motive fuel system, AFS, Agna brakes, AGS, Aimco, Airaid and Airtex, etc. You can place your orders on our secure site using PayPal, Sezzle, credit cards, or through our customer service. Orders are placed immediately and you will receive your processing status, confirmation, and updates by email. If your shopping cart is valued over $75, then we will ship your ordered parts for absolutely free, almost anywhere across Canada!

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Facing problems with your Volkswagen Jetta? Well, we have listed here all the common problems with their possible solutions only for you!

  1. VW Jetta ABS Module Failure - Problems with ABS modules are common in VW Jetta. Planning to get rid of this problem asap? Visit PartsAvatar to get your hands on best-in-class VW Jetta ABS modules.
  2. Volkswagen Clutch Problems - Facing problems with the clutch of your VW Jetta? If you notice symptoms such as a stuck or burnt pedal clutch, then it is advised to visit PartsAvatar and buy a quality VW Jetta clutch. 
  3. VW Engine Problems - The engine is the heart of the vehicle. Infinite issues can be faced with the VW Jetta if the engine malfunctions. Visit PartsAvatar to get yourself VW Jetta Engine parts at budget-friendly prices.
  4. VW Jetta Ignition Coil Failure - Ignition and spark plug failures are often encountered. Signs of a malfunction in the ignition coil include engine misfire and an illuminated check engine light etc. Visit PartsAvatar to get yourself VW Jetta Ignition Coil Replacements.
  5. Volkswagen Jetta Power Window Failure - Power window failure can be problematic for the driver as well as the passengers. Check out PartsAvatar to shop VW Jetta Window Regulators at the best prices.
  6. VW Jetta Shifting Problems - Malfunction in automatic transmission causes shifting issues. This happens due to high mileage. Check out PartsAvatar to get your hands on premium quality VW Jetta transmission parts.
  7. Jetta Brake Problems - Brakes are an extremely crucial part of any vehicle. So replacements are essential at regular intervals. Browse PartsAvatar to get your hands on top-notch Jetta brake pads & rotors at the best prices.
  8. Jetta Reverse Gear Failure - In models with a manual transmission, over time, one can face reverse gear failure along with squeaky noises from the manual transmission. In order to fix this issue, shop VW Jetta gears and transmission from PartsAvatar.
  9. VW Jetta Flasher Relay Failure - Noticing flasher relay signal failure due to failing turn signal flasher? The only option left to fix this issue is to replace the defective parts with the genuine ones available at PartsAvatar Canada.
  10. Volkswagen Jetta Coolant or Oil Leaks - Oil leakages are common after the valve cover gasket becomes defective. Sometimes, this further leads to a coolant leakage in the water pump. Visit PartsAvatar to get brand new VW Jetta water pumps. 
  11. VW Jetta Odor from AC Vents - Often,Jetta owners might experience a bad odor from the AC vents after sitting for a while. To solve this problem, you can clean your heater case and drain system that will aid in getting rid of the debris causing the bad odor.

Willing to perform quick repair in your VW Jetta? PartsAvatar is here to help with all your Volkswagen parts. Buy VW Jetta parts ranging from Volkswagen Jetta auto parts across all models such as sensors, tires, front and rear shocks, catalytic converter, batteries, accessories, brake rotor, oil filters, fuel pump, brake pads, oxygen sensor, rear spoiler, exterior accessories, roof racks, hub assembly, air filters, floor mats, axle shaft, exhaust systems, coil spring etc. Our online parts store is open for your orders 24/7. Don’t compromise with used auto parts that have no warranty. Always use quality parts to replace VW Jetta OEM parts. Also, free shipping is offered on orders over $75.