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The Chrysler 200 Series has been engineered to provide top driving dynamics, enhanced fuel economy, a quiet cabin, and a far more enthusiastic driving experience. Its remarkable features include a segment-first standard nine-speed automatic transmission as well as an available all-wheel-drive system which would include a sport driving mode. The base engine is a 184-horsepower 2.4-litre MultiAir four-cylinder which delivers fuel economy 19 percent better than the outgoing four-cylinder. Nonmandatory is a 295-hp 3.6L Pentastar V6. Blind-spot checking with rear cross-path detection is present on the Limited model. Throughout the line-up, the front driver, as well as passenger seat firmness, is also enhanced.

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Frequent Issues & Solutions for Chrysler 200

Just like any other vehicle Chrysler 200 vehicles also might face a few common problems. We at Parts Avatar have worked out a list of a few common solutions to these common problems. Read through the section to know more about these problems. Out of all Chrysler 200 vehicles, 2011 and 2015 vehicle owners are more likely to face these problems.

  1. Chrysler 200 Engine Problems - Chrysler 200 vehicle owners might face these common engine problems such as engine dies while driving. This problem can be common with the 2011 model year of Chrysler 200. Also, if you own Chrysler 200 2015 model, there are chances that you experience engine stalling or shutting off of the engine. The engine might die while decelerating twice in a row. Also, if your car starts stalling, it might take two to three tries before it starts. We recommend you get your car diagnosed and replace the defective Chrysler 200 engine parts at the earliest to avoid any inconvenience in the future.
  2. Chrysler 200 Heater and AC Issues - Another common issue that Chrysler 200 owners might have to face is that of the heater and AC-related issues. You might experience an antifreeze smell whenever you turn on your heater. You might not feel any warming up of your car in winters and no cool air during the summers. This can become a serious issue in winters when you can’t defrost your windows to have a clearer vision. You can get the issue fixed by replacing the faulty parts. You can shop Chrysler 200 Heating and air conditioning parts at Parts Avatar Canada at the most genuine prices.
  3. Chrysler 200 Transmission Problems - Facing problems with your car’s transmission and powertrain can be really troublesome and this is something that Chrysler 200 owners might not be able to escape. The owners might experience a rough shifting, wrong shift timing, transmission failure. You can shop all Chrysler 200 transmission parts at Parts Avatar Canada. Another common problem that Chrysler 200 owners might have to face is that of stutter on pressing the gas pedal while the car is in motion. You will need to replace your Chrysler 200 transmission replacement to get the issue resolved.
  4. Chrysler 200 Battery Issues - Chrysler 200 with the model year 2012 vehicles are likely to experience premature death of the car battery. The owners will need to install a new Chrysler 200 battery to get their car back on the roads.
  5. Chrysler 200 Electrical Failure - if you own any of the Chrysler 200 vehicle models then you might face a few electrical issues such as dash lights coming on and off, showing off electric bolt lights, acceleration failure. The vehicle might have lost power without any warning. You can get rid of all these problems by replacing the damaged parts with genuine Chrysler 200 electrical parts.
  6. Chrysler 200 Air Bag Problems - Chrysler 200 vehicle owners might have to face some airbag-related issues too but the good news is that you can shop all Chrysler 200 Airbags and their parts with us at Parts Avatar at the most genuine prices.

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