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The Mazda Protege was called the Mazda 323 in Japan, first named the Familia in Japan between 1976 and 2003. Giugiaro of Italy was in charge of designing the first Familias. In the United States, it was originally dubbed the GLC then 323 until it was eventually named the Protege in 1990. America's 323/Protege was much better than other competitors, such as Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla. This price increase was possibly attributed to the Japanese produce. The car was also a favorite for American automotive magazines, and its spitfire nature and peppy performance were also admired. The Mazda 323 was a rear-wheel-drive car known as the Great Little Car (GLC), a variant from the Mazda Familia, a 4th generation Japanese market. There were many variants in the body: 5-door four-seat hatch, 3-door four-seat hatch, a 5-door four-seat station wagon with a 3-door 4-seat station wagon with the extended roofline. Several of these models may be accessed in many stages.

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