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Kia always has something in store to surprise its loyal customers be it their stunning interior or world class styling. Kia falls within the category of top manufacturers in the world. Kia Motor Corporation is a South Korean multinational automotive manufacturer and is commonly known as Kia Motors. Kia is headquartered in Seoul and was formerly known as Kyungsung Precision Industry. The company was founded in December 1944. The company provides high quality vehicles worldwide except in Japan and North korea.

If you are browsing for replacement parts for your Kia car, body parts, spare parts for lighting, or interior or exterior accessories, you've come to the right site. We sell North American aftermarket parts at Parts Avatar that are custom made to suit your Kia. These substitute the identical fit of Kia OEM parts, and are often lower in cost and much better in quality than the original Kia OE parts. Kia automotive goods of all kinds can be found on our website. Popular parts such as brakes, rotors, suspension and Kia filters are always available on stock for your Kia. Our website is accessible 24/7 for convenience shopping, please feel free to order Kia parts at any time, day or night.