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One of the most iconic vehicles ever to have been crafted is the Volkswagen Beetle. It dates back to 1945 when it was first resurrected and since has been the epitome of the family car. VW was put on the global map by this car and still continues to drive many hearts. The beetle was the first to exhibit fenders which later became common practice among manufacturers. That domed fender is still part of the Beetle design and gives it the distinctive look. Being an archaic model the Beetle has been revamped for the modern generation with an upscale interior and stronger performance from the engine and comfortable driving dynamics.

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We have listed here common problems faced in VW Beetle with its instant solutions:

  1. VW Beetle Transmission Failure - Transmission failure and transmission slip problems are quite common which leads to rough shifting of transmission in automatic versions also. In order to get rid of this, check out PartsAvatar for quality VW Beetle transmission parts available at economical prices.
  2. VW Beetle Power Window regulator problem - Window regulator issues are often noticed in VW Beetles. Replace your old one with high-quality VW Beetle window regulators available at PartsAvatar.
  3. VW Beetle Brakes Problem - Rear brakes wear out with time. If left unchecked, this leads to brake-related issues and other defects in the vehicle. You can easily order and get your VW Beetle brakes at your doorsteps without any hassle with PartsAvatar.
  4. Noise in Manual Transmission Reverse Gear - Been hearing strange noises from the transmission? Planning a prompt replacement? Check out PartsAvatar brings for the best quality VW Beetle manual transmission parts.
  5. Timing belt Maintenance - Maintaining the timing belt of your VW Beetle is quite essential. Check out PartsAvatar to replace broken or worn-out timing belts in order to avoid further issues with the engine. Check out PartsAvatar for the best quality Beetle timing belts available across Canada.
  6. Water Pump Failure - The water pump failure can be dangerous as it further leads to engine overheating which can also result in timing belt damage. Timing belt failure due to water pump malfunction can result in further defects in the engine. Browse PartsAvatar to get premium quality Beetle water pumps at the best prices.
  7. Oil Filter Replacement - A malfunctioning oil filter results in oil sludge accumulation in the engine which further causes great damage to the engine. You can get the best quality and budget-friendly Beetle oil filter at PartsAvatar.
  8. Engine Oil Leakage - Engine oil leakages are common from the valve cover gaskets and camshaft chain tensioner gasket at times. In order to perform prompt replacements of your valve cover gasket, check out PartsAvatar for VW Beetle valve cover gaskets available at economical prices.
  9. Headlight Bulb Replacement - Headlight failures occur due to premature headlight bulb burnout and/or bulb harness failures. Also, damaged connectors and bulbs should be replaced at regular intervals along with headlight harness and headlight bulbs.

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