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For its time in the market, the Kia Rondo was the smallest and the cheapest seven-passenger vehicle, smaller than a minivan, but larger than a regular sedan. However, despite its compact size, the Kia offers impressive space. With seating for up to seven, it almost achieves the versatility of a minivan in a small car's outside scale. Fit and finish are outstanding and quick to hit. The ride is easy and quiet, but not very versatile. We found the seats uncomfortable, the sound of the suspension distracting, and the seat in the third row too close for kids. All-wheel drive is not present. After 2010, Kia Rondo was suspended.

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Frequent Issues & Solutions for Kia Rondo

Even with all the perks going in Kia Rondo’s way, you might face some issues over time with this car, especially with the model of the year 2008.  Have a look at some of them below:

  1. Kia Rondo Engine Problems - The owners of Kia Rondo might face problems like engine seizure, issues with the timing chain, and intermittent loss of power in their car engine. These are seen in 2007 Kia Rondo and 2010 Kia Rondo models. The most common solution to this problem is to replace the car engine. Visit PartsAvatar Canada to buy high-grade Kia Rondo car engine parts online.
  2. Kia Rondo AC/ Heater Problems - The owners of 2010 Kia Rondo are likely to face problems in the car AC and heater. The major problem is that the car AC and heater stops working. The solution to this problem is that one must get the AC recharged. PartsAvatar Canada offers top quality Kia rondo heating & air conditioning parts at the best prices.
  3. Kia Rondo Brake Problems - A lot of Kia Rondo owners have reported problems with Kia Rondo car brakes. The solution to this problem is to replace the damaged brake with brand new Kia rondo car brakes from PartsAvatar Canada. 
  4. Kia Rondo Dead Battery Problems - The 2011 Kia Rondo model owners have a lot of problems with car batteries. One should buy a brand-new car battery to get rid of this issue. PartsAvatar Canada offers top-notch Kia rondo car batteries to its customers.
  5. Kia Rondo Electrical System Problems - A lot of problems related to car electrical systems have been faced by 2003 Kia Rondo owners. These can be related to ignition problems, starter problems, and wiring problems. PartsAvatar offers Kia rondo electrical replacement parts to its customers.

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