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The Ford Motor Company launched a gasoline-electric hybrid car, the Fusion, in 2005. The Ford Fusion is in its second generation at present. The Fusion is a midsize sedan in terms of dimension, bigger than the compact Focus but smaller than the full-sized Taurus. The 2010 model will go up to 700 miles on one tank of petrol, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency. For enhancing convenience and connectivity, this car is packed with loads of features such as the new front-end grille treatment and a four-way manual front passenger seat. While the Fusion Titanium models are equipped with a front passenger seat with a seatback map pocket and six-way power. The inflatable safety belts have also been replaced with rear seatbelt pre-tensioners. Also, on the Fusion Hybrid, FordPass Connect is added to the Ford Fusion Hybrid for the latest while the Auto halogen headlamps have been replaced by LED signature lighting on the SE models.

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Common Ford Fusion Problems

Just like any other vehicle even Ford Fusion vehicles might face some issues. To get you covered from them we have listed out a few common Ford Fusion problems to make you prepared in advance. The 2010 model of Ford Fusion has the most overall complaints. Read through the section to know your Ford Fusion better.

  1. Ford Fusion Steering Problems - The major thing keeping you in line on the road is your steering. The owners of the 2011 model might face problems like power steering failure, power assist steering failure. Other minor issues which people may face are power steering not working properly, steering rack failure, and flat tire causes the steering to go out. The most common solution for this problem is to replace steering assembly, steering rack, and electronic steering gear. Thus, we suggest taking care of such issues well before they occur. You can shop steering parts with us at the best prices. 
  2. Ford Fusion Engine Problems - If you have a Ford Fusion 2010 model, you might experience major complaints related to car engines like the illumination of the check engine light, engine cooling problems, and car stalling problems. Other minor issues which people might come across are shutting off of the engine without warning problems, service engine light on, engine clicking and tapping noises, and failure of the engine. These problems can be very troublesome and the most common solution is to rebuild the engine and add oil between oil changes. You can visit us to buy new Ford Fusion engine parts online. 
  3. Ford Fusion Interior Accessories Problems - Ford Fusion 2011 model might face some major interior accessories issues like the door won’t open from inside and a faulty temperature sensor. Some other minor issues which people might face are power steering assist fault warning indicator and seat heater shorted out. This problem can increase over time if ignored, so you must replace the faulty temperature sensor and other damaged parts. Shop top-notch Ford Fusion interior parts and accessories from PartsAvatar Canada.
  4. Ford Fusion Transmission Performance Problems- The people who own the 2012 model of Ford Fusion might face some major problems related to transmission like jerks while shifting, hesitation between shifts, and transmission half shaft leak. Other minor issues which people might face are antifreeze in the transmission fluid or car shipped with low transmission fluid. Transmission can be a major hindrance if it does not work properly and affects the overall performance of the vehicle as well as damage other parts of the vehicle. Thus, proper maintenance is advisable. The most common solution to this problem is to replace the transmission or rebuild the transmission. You can find genuine Ford Fusion transmission parts online.
  5. Ford Fusion Airbag Problems - People might face some serious problems with the 2012 Ford Fusion Air Bags. The problems were airbag warning lights on, airbag not deployed, and front airbag problems. Solve this problem as soon as possible by changing the damaged airbag fuse. You can shop best-priced Ford Fusion airbag parts with us.

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