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Largest Catalog of Aftermarket Car Parts in Canada

Shop at Canada's best online aftermarket car parts store. Browse our unmatched catalog of cheap & reliable aftermarket parts. Discounts & free shipping on aftermarket auto & truck parts in Canada. We provide our customers with the highest quality aftermarket car parts Canada can offer at the cheapest prices. We are proud of our expansive collection of both OEM and aftermarket automotive parts. Our warehouses stock parts for luxury brands such as BMW as well as popular ones like Toyota.

We provide outstanding shipping offers and guarantee that the majority of our orders reach their destination in 1-2 days. Whether you're located in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton or Winnipeg, we've got your needs addressed. Driven by our passion for cars, we understand your vehicle's needs. Whether you're looking for aftermarket replacement parts or body parts, our extensive selection is here for you.

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Buy Aftermarket Auto Parts for All Cars

Browse Canada's leading aftermarket car parts catalog. Buy affordable & reliable aftermarket components. Discounts & free shipping on auto & truck aftermarket parts across Canada. Parts Avatar is your go-to hub for aftermarket components tailored for a wide variety of vehicles. From Honda, Toyota, Ford, Dodge, Chevrolet, Nissan, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Subaru, to Hyundai, we've got the perfect parts for your unique requirements. Our broad selection guarantees that you'll locate the exact components to maintain your vehicle's optimum performance.

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What are Aftermarket Parts?

Aftermarket car parts refer to vehicle components produced by independent manufacturers, not affiliated with the original car maker. These parts are designed to replace or upgrade the original parts in a vehicle. The aftermarket industry is vast and diverse, offering a wide range of options for consumers seeking to maintain, repair, or enhance their vehicles.

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Are Aftermarket Parts as good as OEM Parts?

The quality of aftermarket parts can vary, many are on par with or even exceed OEM parts in terms of performance, innovation, and cost-effectiveness. This makes them a viable option for those looking to maintain or upgrade their vehicles in an economical and personalized manner.

When considering whether aftermarket parts are as good as OEM parts, several factors come into play. The primary allure of aftermarket parts is their cost-effectiveness. They are typically priced lower than OEM parts, making them an attractive option for individuals on a budget looking to repair or upgrade their vehicles.

The diverse range of options available in the aftermarket sector is another strong suit. It's not uncommon to find aftermarket parts that surpass the quality and performance of OEM parts, especially in specialized or niche segments of the market. This variety ensures that consumers can find exactly what they need, whether they are seeking basic replacement parts or performance-enhancing components. It caters to a broader spectrum of customer needs, from daily drivers to car enthusiasts.

Aftermarket parts are easily accessible and car owners can easily find and replace worn or damaged parts.

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Since 2015, Parts Avatar has been cultivating excellence to emerge as Canada's premier homegrown source for aftermarket car parts. Your confidence propels our evolution. While some acknowledge our Canadian roots, most esteem us for our unparalleled service and expansive product offerings. Discover Parts Avatar – your reliable companion for exceptional aftermarket auto parts, conveniently located near you.

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At Parts Avatar, we promote the Right to Repair movement, working to simplify and lower the cost of vehicle repairs. Our strong advocacy urges manufacturers to share vital information and provide diagnostic tools, ensuring affordable solutions for maintaining and repairing your valued vehicles. Join us in our commitment to accessible and cost-effective auto repair at Parts Avatar – your dedicated partner in automotive care, offering top-notch aftermarket car parts in Canada.