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Have you ever stopped to check disc brakes, brake pads, calipers and rotor of your car? Any car driver knows that good brakes are as important a car’s powerful engine! Brake cable layouts vary from car to car and need to perform optimally for your car to remain in good working condition. Check out PartsAvatar for your car’s disc, brake drum, brake shoes or to renew brake fluid to ensure optimum performance. The brake light circuit is not merely a legal requirement but is also essentially a measure to keep you safe. Similarly, our performance calipers, abs control module and rotor can help improve the overall performance of your car! Visit PartsAvatar online for all your brake sytem and brake repair requirements like calipers, brakes, brake parts, brake kit, master cylinder, front brake pads, rear brake pads, performance brakes, parking brake or auto brakes.

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Looking for a specific car part like brake line, brake tool, brake booster, brake fluids, brake caliper rebuild kit or abs pump for replacement? Whether you are looking for a brake shoe, brake-bleeding kit, power brake booster, brake light switch or slotted rotor we have it. Select your car make and model from the menu, check out categories in the auto parts finder page and choose auto part manufacturer. We offer a wide range of auto parts ranging from complete brake systems like brake caliper rebuild kit, brake bleeder kit, brake calipers, brake tool, emergency brake cable, power brake booster, electric brake controller and transmissions to engine parts. With guaranteed lowest prices in Canada, at wholesale auto part prices and below discounted rates, you can compare our prices with other manufacturers. To ensure timely delivery all auto parts are shipped from our warehouse nearest to you (Vancouver, Edmonton, Montreal or Toronto).

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At PartsAvatar rest assured that you get the best brands of auto parts, like brakes, for lowest prices! All our products are sourced from popular and top performing brands like Raybestos, Baer and Wagner and go through a stringent quality check by in-house experts. We maintain stocks of leading brands in brakes such as EBC, Powerstop, Wagner, Akebono, Brembo and AC Delco. Each spare part is carefully handpicked by experts who ensure that we retain the finest quality of brakes and offer them to our customers at economical prices. With PartsAvatar you no longer have to worry about compromising on quality to get branded auto parts at low prices. What is more - some of our replacement parts even come with lifetime warranties, which is better than OEM parts!

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All car enthusiasts know that cars are made of several different systems like the engine, clutch and transmission, wheels, exhaust system, radiator and cooling systems and the brake system. The brake system with its stopping power is one of the most critical parts in the car.

The brake system consists of components like calipers, steel brake lines, brake pads, high mount brake light, brake bleeding kits, slotted rotors, parking brake cables, metallic compounds, brake fluids, brake dust shields, repair kits, shock absorbers and brake booster check valves etc.

Most people are aware that pressing on the brake pedal can stop a moving car. How does the brake pedal of a car exert pressure or stopping power on the brakes of a car? The pressure exerted on the brake pedal of a car transmits force to its brakes through a fluid and this is more popularly known as the hydraulic system.

Most cars use a hydraulic system and have brakes on all four wheels. Brakes are of two types: disc type or drum type. Disc brakes are more efficient and used for front wheels which are more crucial in stopping a car, while drum brakes are used for rear wheels.

Generally all cars are fitted with twin hydraulic circuits, with two master cylinders. The rear brakes are deliberately made less powerful than the front.

There are two types of brakes: disc brakes and drum brakes. The basic type of disc brake comes with a single pair of pistons. It has a disc that turns with the wheel and is straddled by a caliper, in which there are small hydraulic pistons worked by pressure from the master Itcylinder. A drum brake has a hollow drum that turns with the wheel. Its open back is covered by a stationary backplate on which there are two curved shoes carrying friction linings.

In addition to the hydraulic braking system, All cars have a mechanical handbrake acting on two wheels - usually the rear ones in addition to the hydraulic braking system. Handbrakes are operated by a cable inside the car. The handbrake consists of a lever and arm in the brake drum and acts on the shoes by means of a mechanical system.

Hence whatever make or model of car you drive, it is very important to check the brake system and its components: calipers, brake pads, brake bleeding kit and slotted rotors and ensure that you have a safe and smooth drive.