Brake Shoes

Brake Shoes is a rigid plate, usually of steel in the shape of an arc of a cylinder, coated on the outside of its curved surface with a friction-producing material and tightened against the inside of a brake drum to produce a braking action.

Brake Shoes Categories


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Brake Shoes by Beck Arnley

Brake Shoes by Beck Arnley

TRUE | Shoes(tm) are designed with premium grade materials to meet or exceed the requirements of your vehicle. They are precision engineered to allow for the accurate fit. Benefits - Coated Steel for rust protection & long life - All New Steel - NO -- USED CORES - Friction material is low metal formulation - Performance test engineered for safe stopping

Brake Shoes by Monroe

Brake Shoes by Monroe

Monroe(r) brake shoes are engineered to match OE specifications. The OE-quality design helps ensure vehicle stopping power and durable performance.

OE-style design helps eliminate chatter and rear wheel lock-up
Friction bonding requirements to vehicle application
Made from 100% new carbon steel
Includes pins and levers on most applications
Includes riveted coverage on most commercial applications

Brake Shoes by Bosch

Brake Shoes by Bosch

Engineered to match OE design and provide consistent, superior braking performance.

Key Features
* 100% asbestos-free friction formulations
* Bonded and riveted coverage to match OE method of attachment
* Extensive parking brake coverage

Brake Shoes by Raybestos


Oe Or Better Quality and Increased Service Life

Raybestos Professional Grade Brake Shoes offer a full coverage program (including parking brake shoes) that delivers industry leading category coverage to trucks, police, taxi and fleet-ype vehicles that require severe duty performance.

• Highest Sheer Strength :Provides highest possible bond integrity
• Contour or Cam Ground :Ensures the best contact between shoe and drum
• Premium New Steel :Facilitates correct shoe to drum contact for best performance
• Application Specific Materials :Best performance and service life; provide stable and balanced braking
• Riveted or Bonded :Delivers the highest possible shear strength; reduces noise and vibration
• OE Matched Levers and Hardware :All required levers and hardware included; easy and complete installation
• Premium Dipped Coating :Provides corrosion resistance for superior durability