The Secret To Thrifty Car Repair

Money doesn’t grow on trees, and this money is spent a great deal on auto repairs every year. Ever wondered if you were making the perfect decision for the car fix and your pocket? Well, we are going to let you in on a car repair secret that will cut down your auto repairs mechanics cost, and also resolve your car repairs issue.

Your Car Stress Is Genuine

The car mechanic garage can be an overwhelming place, it’s the hospital for your vehicle. Unless you have intensive knowledge about cars and how car parts function, you are pretty much at the mercy of the car doctor or car mechanic. Once he has performed the inspection and heard the symptoms from you, the nerve wracking diagnosis comes into the picture. This is where the heart drop will drop and so will your wallet. But it doesn’t have to be this way at all!

Car Repairs Aren’t Meant To Rob You

A trip to the auto mechanics shouldn’t be draining on your wallet. Be smart and make low cost car repair decisions. A major chunk of the car mechanic charges are the car replacement parts that he may have to install. His service, and diagnosis will be charged separately. Mechanics tend to buy auto replacement parts in bulk and hence get car parts on a discounted price. And not all may sell it at that lower price point. Dealerships are famous for upmarking car prices from anywhere between 10% to as high as 900%. This is true especially in the case of high end cars/sports models. And hence, the price of the car part may not be as much as they’re charging from you. It’s the way they have been conducting their car repairs business and running their mechanic shops for years.

Be Money Smart

You can save big bucks on the auto replacement parts by simply asking him to tell you which part/part number is needed and ordering them online on discounted prices at PartsAvatar. Once you receive your order in just a few days you can take it back and have him install it. Buying your own car replacement parts helps in cutting down the car mechanic charges. This is a way that is not known by most car owners. Take away the task of procuring the car part from your mechanic, the car mechanic will install the part and hand over your vehicle in super condition.

Not only will you be saving money on car replacement parts by buying them yourself, you will not have to spend any money on travel. Simply order from the comfort of your home and have it delivered right to your doorstep in a matter of days.

Ask Now, Decide Later

Request your car mechanic to share his charges for installation and other repair work and bring in the product yourself. Ask for repairs charges and cost for the car part at the beginning of your discussion. Go to multiple car mechanics garages to get quotes on their car repair service, and price for the car part to be replaced. You will notice a great difference in your overall auto repairs bill and save big on car repairs. Choose to go to the car mechanic that fits your budget and is satisfactory for your vehicle repair. This is a simple trick to use and will always work. Don’t worry, it’s not illegal to buy your own parts and have them installed by an automobile mechanic to fix your car.

Some auto mechanics will waiver off the $50 for diagnostic scanning if you decide to repair with them, few car mechanics will offer other services too. Talk in detail about their repair services and don’t be repelled by a greasy looking mechanics garage, it simply means they work hard and pay full attention to the customers cars, rather than other functional issues at their fancy car repair shop.

Why Choose Us?

It doesn’t matter how well you treat your car, a lot of car parts need replacement due to wear and tear and also with season changes. But you don’t have to break the bank every time you visit a vehicle repair shop. Don’t risk getting fooled at the car mechanic shop and purchase car repair parts online. We offer auto parts at best value across Canada.

PartsAvatar stocks over 3 million automobile replacement parts, fitting a huge range of vehicle makes and models. We only stock well reputed genuine aftermarket parts. Find the perfect fitment on our website through our streamlined search and select the one that suits your budget. Make car repairs less complicated and more pocket friendly. With reliability and manufacturer warranty guaranteed. Customer Satisfaction is key for us, and we will ensure you are happy with your purchase.

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