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You want car parts and you want the discount price to fit your budget, there’s nothing more logical than that. At PartsAvatar Canada we understand that a range of auto-parts needs to come with a range of prices too, even if there’s a sale going on. All our customers are important to us, and we want to make sure you find car parts that fit your vehicle as well as your wallet. We stock a wide variety of car parts for different vehicle make and models. Searching for sales and discounts in car parts you want is simple; you can get great discount and sale deals on the automobile parts available across our website.

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If you’re a mechanic, you can order parts in bulk and get huge discounts and rebates. We ship within a matter of days, and you can track your shipment the whole time. The shipping time is the same for parts purchased on sale or discount offers. Apart from buying car parts that you need, you may find gifting options for your automobile fanatic friend, loved one or family. We have offers running throughout the year, including clearance sales, special discounts on frequently purchased car parts and slashed prices during festivals.

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Don’t worry about the quality of products just because the price is cheap, we only stock products from well-known manufacturers, and you will get warranty with 30-day easy returns even on all sale items. You may not believe but some of the car parts on PartsAvatar are at lower prices than others, because we care for you and understand your requirements well. We extend our consideration by giving free shipping on orders above CAD $99, even if you are buying from our discounted parts. You will find no hidden shipping charges in your bill, we want you to have the best car parts at the lowest prices possible. That’s why our sale prices are unbeatable, and well researched.

Unbeatable Prices

Without a doubt, buying OEM car parts is beneficial only if you’re not breaking the bank. PartsAvatar sales are the best in Canada. Get quality products that fit your requirement and cost within your budget, you can definitely find what you’re looking for on the different sales running PartsAvatar. We value our customers, and our care if reflected in our prices. Buy replacement parts such as brakes and rotors starting on discount price of $16, quality radiator and parts under $140, mufflers starting from as low as $29.79, Oxygen sensors and components starting from at the low price of $15, radiator and parts starting from $3.95, exhaust system kits under $982. Fix all your car issues with car parts on sale prices, like spark plugs starting at $2.27, low price of exhaust gaskets from $21, car hub assembly available at discount price starting $24.11, pro oxygen sensors priced cheap at $18.61 and above.

Check out the different categories of automobile products at reasonable price points just for you. There are many reasons why you should choose PartsAvatar. You can get your order delivered to the remotest corners of the Country; we ship from our warehouses located in Edmonton and Brampton. Shop auto-parts like never on discount promotions like never before!

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