Don't get overcharged for Your Car Repairs

Do's & Don'ts at a Mechanic Shop

1. Take proper photos & videos of your car before sending it out to the workshop.


2. Search for the defective parts on your own. Do not completely rely on the dealer or mechanic prices.


3. If the mechanic has doubts, do not hesitate to take a second opinion, even If it delays the car service by a few hours or days.


4. Make sure auto parts purchased from the mechanic are un-boxed in front of you, and old parts are returned to you. Always check the part number and the warranty of the product before installing it.


5. Always provide your VIN number in beginning, to check the tools and parts required to fix your make and model.


6. If you are looking for an upgrade or a specialized service, look for a skilled mechanic rather than a generalized shop.


7. Check for any overhead, transportation cost of the mechanic if you are taking the services outside their auto shop.


8. Always take a Test Drive after job completion to make sure the vehicle is working fine.

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