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Auto body parts consist of auto body and several different auto body parts such as car bumpers, front bumper, rear bumper, auto door parts, auto window parts, parts of a door handle etc. Generally the search for car body parts begins after an accident or through regular wear and tear. PartsAvatar offers a host of car body parts online in Canada and is worth exploring. It is a virtual auto body warehouse and offers replacement auto body parts, auto body panels, aftermarket auto body parts, quality panels, car bumpers and car door parts at discounted prices. Without compromising on quality PartsAvatar is your one stop shop for discount body parts, body parts for cars and replacement car body parts.

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Are you looking for any specific auto body part? Your search ends here. Contact PartsAvatar online for all your auto body part requirements. All varieties of body parts from different manufacturers are up for grabs: car doors, panels, hinges, locks, door handle parts, door lock actuator and spoilers. Whether you need a door handle, panel or taillight of a particular model of car you will find it here. We stock the entire range of items like bumper covers, tail lights, rocker panel, quarter panels, windshield washer nozzle, hood deflector, car fender, rear mirror, auto dimming rear view mirror, windshield wipers, exterior door handle and aftermarket parts. At PartsAvatar you can rest assured that you will get the best quality at the lowest price.

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Modern cars use a wide range of auto body parts made of different materials ranging from metal and plastic to fibre and rubber or a combination of all these. Auto body parts come in all shapes and sizes and mainly form part of the car’s exterior design. Prominent manufacturers of auto body parts are: Dorman, Magnum, Barracuda, Goodmark and Keystone. Dorman produces a wide range of body parts like exterior door handles, windows and power window regulators. Barracuda is known for door locks, Goodmark for bumpers and Keystone is known for aftermarket auto body parts. With the onset of the internet auto body parts are easily available online and can be ordered from the comfort of your home.