Understanding OBD Error Codes

Easy Diagnosis of OBD Codes

Table Of Contents

1. What Is An OBD Error Code?

2. Format Of The OBD Trouble Code?

3. Reading And Understanding The OBD Error Codes

4. Generic OBD Codes

a. P0000 through P0099

b. P0100 through P0199

c. P0200 through P0299

d. P0300 through P0399

e. P0400 through P0499

f. P0500 through P0599

g. P0600 through P0699

h. P0700 through P0799

i. P0800 through P0899

j. P0900 through P0999

k. P0A00 through P0A99

l. P0B00 through P0B99

m. P0C00 through P0C99

n. P2000 through P2099

o. P2100 through P2199

p. P2200 through P2299

q. P2300 through P2399

r. P2400 through P2499

s. P2500 through P2599

t. P2600 through P2699

u. P2700 through P2799

v. P2800 through P2899

w. P3000 through P3499

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What Is An Obd Error Code?

Format Of The OBD Trouble Code?

Reading And Understanding The OBD Error Codes

A. P0000 through P0099

B. P0100 through P0199

C. P0200 through P0299

D. P0300 through P0399

E. P0400 through P0499

F. P0500 through P0599

G. P0600 through P0699

H. P0700 through P0799

I. P0800 through P0899

J. P0900 through P0999

K. P0A00 through P0A99

L. P0B00 through P0B99

M. P0C00 through P0C99

N. P2000 through P2099

O. P2100 through P2199

P. P2200 through P2299

Q. P2300 through P2399

R. P2400 through P2499

S. P2500 through P2599

T. P2600 through P2699

U. P2700 through P2799

V. P2800 through P2899

W. P3000 through P3499

Don’t Jump Into The Conclusion

Specific OBD Codes