Reconsider Buying Salvaged or Used Auto Parts And Save Your Car

You need affordable replacement auto parts and you need them now! Well, you don’t have to take the used auto parts, salvage car parts and junkyard car parts route, you may end up frustrated when your car breaks down in a week! Get new parts at affordable prices from PartsAvatar and enjoy the benefits of warranty, returns, proper fitment and free shipping.

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Think Beyond Today

Surely the used car part fits your budget today, but what about when it doesn’t perform as you thought? Purchasing salvage front or rear brake rotors could be cheap, but at a discounted price on our website they start at $15! When a used auto part doesn’t work, you will be forced to go to a mechanic, buy a new car part, and definitely regret spending money on the junkyard auto part. Hence, you would be spending more money, and be left with frustration and disappointment from the salvage car part. Parts that tend to deteriorate quickly, like belts, hoses, filters etc. should always be purchased new to increase their life. When buying car parts, it’s important to think about the impact of your decision long term.

Save Time And Effort

Save time going through salvage auto parts and recycled car parts listings online and buy car parts from us. Our website search system helps you filter auto parts as per your vehicle's year, make and model. If you’re going to physically go to a junkyard and pick the used car part, it will take too much time and effort. You will need help from a mechanic to find the part you’re looking for. Will you be able to safely remove the salvage car part from the vehicle? Do you know the exact location of the used car components you are looking for? Are you sure they have the recycled car parts for the vehicle make, and model you need? Why sweat it when you can order from the comfort of your home? Save time and effort order online at PartsAvatar, avail free shipping on orders over CAD $99.

Avoid Warranty Issues!

You won’t get any warranty or returns on salvage car parts, junkyard vehicle parts and used auto parts. Salvage wrecked car parts will not have any warranty on them. Get the comfort of warranty which used car parts will not give you. When you buy a new car part, it’s not just the car part you’re paying for, you’re also paying for the warranty, service, mental peace and satisfaction. How would you feel on a busy monday morning, when your recycled oxygen sensor causes issues and you have the ‘check engine now’ light flashing? Is that the scenario you want to invite into your everyday life? Take the smarter risk, spend a little more, and be safe.

Quality Guaranteed

All that glitters is not gold, this applies to junkyard auto parts too. A used Muffler and pipe assembly may seem fit on the outside, but may be fully damaged on the inside. Only a professional would know the difference. Don’t get cheated by the look of recycled car parts like used air filters, salvage ignition coil, internal cracks, burns, chafed damages will not be visible to the eye. Remember, there’s a reason why the car and it’s parts ended up in the junkyard, they weren’t in good condition to begin with. Who knows maybe the car parts were already recycled by the owner of the car!

Unbeatable Prices With Peace Of Mind

Salvage parts may show promise, and may be cheaper, but not if you’re buying from PartsAvatar. We have incredible sales and discount. Our prices reflect our care for our customers. You can find new parts at a reasonable price. There are no hidden custom charges or delays in shipping. You may not be able to find salvage Wheels and tire components starting $12, used bumper cover and parts under $50, scrapyard exhaust system parts starting from $5.54 and much more at these prices except at PartsAvatar. Because we give our customers many reasons to shop with us.

Perfect Fit Guaranteed

Unless you carry the damaged part with you like bumper, spoiler, radiator etc. to the used and salvage car parts junkyard or know the exact specification of the recycled car part you’re looking for, you won’t be able to find the perfect used salvage fitment for your vehicle. Most damaged car parts aren’t practical to carry to the junkyard anyway! You can find the exact auto part replacement on PartsAvatar by our search option.

Easy Shipping And Returns

Even if you’ve been able to find the perfect used or scrapped car part for your vehicle; getting it home will be difficult. Buy online and have your order delivered to your home. We offer doorstep delivery to the remotest corners of Canada in just a matter of days.

Your car deserves only the best, going for salvage and used parts can cause issues in the future, why take that risk when there’s PartsAvatar! We value our customers and have prices that can cater to all. Our prices reflect our care and are better option than wrecked and yard sale auto parts. We are able to ship across Canada from our own warehouses located at Brampton and Edmonton, you can get it in just few days, no matter where in Canada you are located.

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