Serpentine Belts

Manufacturers like Gates, Dyco Provides Premium Quality Serpentine belts, Serpentine Belt is a V-ribbed belt that is ribbed along one side. It’s much thinner than a drive belt in appearance. It bends easier and is much more flexible which allows it move and wrap around smaller accessories inside the engine. A Serpentine belt lasts longer than traditional drive belts and is much easier to remove and install. This belt also transmits power between the steering pump, alternator, water pump and air conditioner compressor.

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Serpentine Belts by Dayco

Dayco Poly Rib Serpentine Belts

Dayco approaches the market differently from most of its competition, believing that one serpentine belt construction will not perform best with all applications.Built for passenger cars and light-duty trucks, Dayco’s extensive line of Poly Rib serpentine belts are engineered for high mileage, demanding drives found in today’s vehicles. As the manufacturer of the first original equipment multi-ribbed serpentine belt, Dayco’s commitment to automotive product excellence and innovation is unwavering. The Dayco Poly Rib W Profile serpentine belt is the most innovative advancement in serpentine belt design in more than 30 years. Developed through extensive laboratory and actual road mileage testing, this unique rib profile EPDM belt has been engineered to conform to high mileage, worn or misaligned drives and help eliminate noisy belt conditions. Constructed with aramid-reinforced EPDM compounds, the Dayco W Poly Rib serpentine belt delivers more than just OE-required quality. It delivers the solution to troublesome drive problems. Dayco manufactures other serpentine belt constructions for application-specific belt drive systems, such as the ela stretch belt, special deep rib belts for certain import applications, Linear Groove Technology belts and double-sided belts. ela Stretch belt – Designed for direct replacement on accessory drives requiring stretch-type belts, Dayco ela belts are specifically designed for two- to four-point drives where the elastic belt design maintains constant tension on the drive. Deep Rib belt – Dayco discovered that certain import applications perform quietest when the rib depth of the serpentine belt is increased. Dayco added layers of material, increasing the rib depth of the Deep Rib belt, resulting in the best drive belt option for specific import vehicle applications. Double-sided belt– Designed for multiple accessory drives that require the transmission of power from both sides of the belt. The Double-Sided belt, which Dayco introduced to the automotive aftermarket, features a construction that uses a highly fiber-loaded compound on both sides of the belt to maximize load carrying requirements while minimizing pulley misalignment noise.

Dayco No Slack Automatic Belt Tensioner

Serpentine belt drives consist of a single belt that powers most, if not all, of the engine’s accessories. Designed to maintain constant tension on serpentine belt drives, the Dayco Automatic Belt Tensioner features the original flat spring design engineered to provide less operating range variations in tension. This innovative design reduces the risk of premature accessory bearing failure due to high tension when a new belt is installed and lessens the risk of belt noise and slippage, or poor accessory performance caused by low tension after the belt begins to stretch and wear. A PTFE strip wound within the spring resists abrasion and the flat spring is coated to resist rust.
Other superior design features include:
* Steel locator pin (where the application demands)
* Heavy duty cast aluminum spring case that resists cracking and fatigue
* Heavy duty cast aluminum arm offers additional strength and less distortion
* Steel pivot tube (where the application demands) provides additional strength for critical torque requirements
* Thermoplastic rubber spring slot plug (where applicable) helps keep out harmful contaminants
* Lubricated nylon pivot tube bushing and spring bushing for quieter performance
* Rubber “O” ring which seals against dust and grime (where applicable)
* Zinc-coated mounting bolt that resists rust (where applicable)
* Dayco also manufactures a variety of round spring and hydraulic-controlled tensioners depending on the original equipment design and application requirements.

Dayco Belt Tension Gauges

The No. 1 complaint with belts today is noise, and the No. 1 cause of belt noise is misalignment. Designed to diagnose misalignment, tension and wear within a belt drive system, the Dayco Belt Diagnostic Kit has all the tools to properly identify misalignment, belt tension and worn multi-rib belts. Kit includes: Belt tension gauge, two piece laser alignment tool, belt wear gauges, tension chart, replacement battery and battery installation wrench.
Part Number 93874

Dayco Awearness Gauge

Improperly tensioned belts cause slippage, squealing, heat build-up and premature failure. Dayco engineers recommend careful belt tensioning. After a new belt has been installed, run the engine for 3 to 5 minutes to seat the belt.
* Krikit Pocket Gauge for V-Belts - Part Number 93865
* Krikit II Pocket Gauge for Ribbed Belts - Part Number 93866

Dayco Belt Installation Tool

By simply placing the notched area lengthwise over the ribbed section of the belt, this pocket size device quickly and easily identifies the potential of serpentine belt failure. If there are more than four cracks per inch in the belt, trade practice recommends the belt be replaced.
Part Number 047337

Dayco Ela Belt Installation Tool

This time saving tool from Dayco gives the technician the control and extended reach necessary when installing serpentine belts. The tool has also been designed to help install V-belts and timing belts that are located in hard-to-access areas. The two-pin design provides convenient belt push/pull capability while the handle gives the technician the twisting control required to install belts in confined or restricted areas.
Part Number 93871

Dayco Awearness Gauge

The Dayco ela™ belt installation tool is required when specified on certain ela™ (stretch-to-fit) belt applications. Some ela™ belts requires only a simple zip tie to install, so please verify the Dayco ela™ belt installation tool is required for your application. Do not attempt to install by prying the belt on the pulleys.
• ela™ belt and belt tool sold separately
• Can be used on multiple Dayco ela™ (stretch-to-fit) belts
• Includes reusable mounting bolt
• Includes installation instructions
Part Number 93875

Century(tm) Series Micro-V(r) Belts

Century(tm) Series Micro-V(r) Belts

Replacement Belt for Accessory Belt Drive Systems (ABDS) and Other Serpentine Belt
Gates Century(tm) Series represents over 100 years of evolution in the pursuit of excellence in Micro-V(r) technology. Our history of innovation will launch us into the next century of powering progress. Designed using advanced manufacturing technology and premium EPDM construction to provide customers with superior ABDS and new vehicle type performance.
* Belt of choice by professional technicians, lasting 50%-60% longer than value line
* Precise dimension control of rib profile transmits load efficiently throughout the ABDS allowing components to operate at optimum levels
* Able to operate and accept misalignment in the ABDS system better than other serpentine belts
* Flexible construction allows the belt to withstand billions of topside and backside bends resulting in long belt life
* Meets or exceeds SAE J1459