Oil Filter by MANN-FILTER - HU719/7X

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Product Information


Mann Filter metal-free oil filters are developed using the Evotop® filter element that is a further development of high-performance oil filters and is environmentally friendly that can be incinerated without leaving any residue. Mann Metal-Free oil filters are designed specifically for modern engines to deliver superb results on intensive use. Additional features like a non-returning membrane retain the engine oil in the oil module as soon as the engine stops. The membrane offers a faster and more optimized oil supply when starting the engine compared to a conventional return stop valve installed in the housing.

Features & Benefits

  • Mann Filter metal-free oil filters are pressure-resistant and manufactured using an anti-corrosion protected filter housing
  • High dirt holding capacity and efficient dirt separation with a minimal pressure drop
  • Teflon coated bypass valve allows a continuous flow of oil even if the filter is clogged
  • Higher dirt holding capacity for superb cleaning results throughout the entire service interval
  • Long-life filter media and sealing rings offer optimum protection for the engine

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