Oil Filter by WIX - 51393XP

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CAD$ 14.91



Product Information


WIX XP oil filters are engineered for tough driving conditions. XP oil filters by WIX are designed for enhanced durability for city driving, high temperatures, and heavy loads. They provide ultimate protection and extended mileage. WIX XP oil filters are designed to withstand the toughest driving conditions and to maximize the performance of the synthetic motor oils.

Features & Benefits

  • WIX XP oil filters are designed to resist premature plugging due to oil breakdown and combustion by-products
  • Wire-backed full-synthetic media is the latest in filtration technology
  • Manufactured with the latest technology on both spin-on and cartridge filters available
  • Provides the ultimate protection for today’s modern engines and longer OE service intervals


Whether it's for automotive, diesel, racing, agricultural or industrial applications, WIX is dedicated to producing the best performing, most reliable filters in the world.

WIX's Warranty

Vehicle manufacturer's recommended service intervals.

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