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If you own a car, you have to maintain it regularly so as to ensure high performance. So how are you doing it? PartsAvatar.ca serves as a wholesale distributor, retailer, and supplier of major car manufacturer parts, car accessories, tools, equipment, aftermarket spare parts, and much more. We stock and supply all sorts of aftermarket spare parts, aftermarket accessories, and OEM parts. Additionally,  auto parts of specific manufacturers such as Monroe auto parts, Motorcraft auto parts, Cardone auto parts, Brembo auto parts are also available at the competitive prices. If you have been searching the web, to grab auto body parts on wholesale at affordable prices, then your search ends here! Right from brakes and rotors to AC compressor and oil filter we offer the exact automotive parts you have been searching for. If you are still confused, our experts can help you find the right performance parts which fit your budget.

Things To Consider Before Buying Auto Parts On Wholesale Online

One of the most difficult tasks of choosing auto parts online through wholesale is finding the right dealer. When you choose a wholesale dealer, there are certain factors which you must take into consideration like reputation, reviews by the customers, shipping charges, etc. The good reputation will help you to know if they are reliable. Also, you can check for the customer as well as client reviews on their website so that you can get a better understanding of their product quality, fees, shipping charges, and so on. These factors can help you to sort out the right and affordable wholesale dealer.  With respect to these factors, PartsAvatar.ca can be your best choice for auto parts on wholesale as:

  • You can save money.
  • Purchase the top brand auto parts at an affordable cost.
  • Get auto parts @discounted price.
  • Get the best spare parts by eliminating the need to purchase a new vehicle. 

Choosing a specific brand to buy replacement parts? Here are a few things…

Are you a person who sticks to one specific brand to get every sort of replacement parts? Then you have to consider a few things. Wondering what those things are? Well, take a look at these points that we have listed out just for you;

  • As a very first step, researching can help you if you should focus on a specific brand. For this, you can look into the reviews and ratings by the customers. Also, you can cross verify with a different online website and see what customers are saying about the particular brand you like. 
  • Check for the genuineness of the brand by cross-checking with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Never fail to look for product details such as description, information when you are about to choose branded auto parts. 
  • Check for the quality and the services they provide. This can be a critical step but make sure that the company offers high-end auto body parts. Additionally, if the specific brand you are looking for, provides various services, then it can be ideal to choose one specific brand. 

Also, Note - One specific brand will not be suitable for every replacement part. So before you stay focused on a particular brand, make sure it fits the requirement. 

A Few Best Brands For Replacement Parts

People invest so much time in researching the best brand to buy replacement parts. The experts from PartsAvatar have mentioned here the best brands for specific replacement parts. Raybestos, Worldparts and, Dorman work best for brakes and rotors. When comparing Magnaflow with Flowmaster for the exhaust system, the former works best for few as the mufflers are louder and give more engine power, whereas the latter has a consistent less tuned sound. Wilson and Bluestreak always help if you are on the lookout for a quick fix for your car’s charging and starting system. NGK Canada, MSD Ignition, Denso are some best brands for the Ignition system. Are you looking for more branded car parts? Then browse the online catalog at PartsAvatar.ca and, you'll see that we have thousands of car parts and accessories in stock. We have sourced them only from trusted manufacturers in the industry to make that you won't get any component that falls below industry standards. Order your needed car parts right here! Our fast order processing, secure payment gateways, easy returns, and reliable shipping services definitely make shopping easy and convenient for everyone.

Performance Brand Economy Brand
Standard Brand 

Ignition Coil


  • Delivers trouble-free consistent performance.
  • Ultimate durability.

Blue Streak

  • Superior performance and durability under tough condition.
  • Long lasting.


  • Superior vibration resilience.
  • Moisture resistance.

Air Filter


  • Increase horsepower and throttle response.
  • Outstanding performance even in dusty racing conditions. 

Spectre Performance

  • Superior performance and functionality.
  • Improves driving experience.
  • Replaces stock air filter.


  • Ensures superior engine protection.
  • Highly durable and reliable.
  • Easy installation and maintenance.

Oxygen Sensor


  • High quality at an affordable price.
  • Matches the exact requirements.
  • NTK wideband sensor.


  • Better gas mileage.
  • Meets OBD-II standards.


  • Fine particle filter.
  • Made of Zirconium and Yttrium.
  • OE equivalent and OE style connectors.



  • Increases torque and power.
  • High-quality performance sound.


  • Meets strict quality requirements.
  • Consistent performance.


  • Crafted from material.
  • Matches the rigorous quality standards.



  • Super aggressive sound.
  • Stainless steel construction.

Mr. Gasket

  • Highly durable and reliable.
  • Made from fine quality.


  • Provides rust and corrosion resistant.
  • Provides maximum flow in both directions.

Choose The Auto Part Brand You Are Looking For

Are you in search of original OEM parts? Find replacements to oem parts here at PartsAvatar.ca. We stock Top brands from auto manufacturers and suppliers across Canada and USA. Aftermarket parts turn out to be exact fit for original oem parts. You can find them easily with the oem part number or with the part name, part manufacturer or the category. PartsAvatar also sells parts wholesale from many auto warehouses across Canada.

Benefits Of Buying Car Parts From Wholesale Dealers

       One of the main benefits of choosing a wholesale auto part is that you can save money. Wholesalers will offer quality products, and so you can buy large quantities of auto parts and build an inventory at a discounted price. You will also enjoy wholesale distribution. With wholesalers, you can easily find aftermarket spare auto parts with OEM car parts for your vehicle. The car parts offered by the wholesalers are reliable and ensures that your car runs perfectly. Another benefit of shopping from a wholesaler is that you don’t have to travel to places as the control is in the individual's hand when they shop online. Suppliers can help you in getting the replacement parts without having the difficulty to purchase a new car. Added to this, the suppliers can also provide other services such as part location, site delivery, and so on. 

Shopping Auto Parts Online Through Wholesalers

Just like any other product, sale of auto parts and car accessories have been shifting online. Are you looking for high-performance aftermarket parts so that you can upgrade your vehicle? Then, it’s just a few clicks away in any online store. Getting auto parts online is one of the easiest ways to get car parts at your doorstep without actually visiting a physical store. In the auto parts online wholesale, you can grab everything you want for vehicles from the lower control arm, headlights, indicator, speaker, mirror, and others. The demands of the customer can be easily met as there are over millions of accessories and auto parts. Apart from this, there are a variety of spare parts such as the clutch connectordistributor cap, lighting products, filtersbrake parts, engine components, and so on. Wholesale dealers also offer an exclusive selection of auto parts, import parts, trucks, and accessories which is an important part of daily maintenance. So grabbing premium quality auto parts at cheaper price becomes much easier. Apart from selling auto parts online, retailers and distributors also step forward to offer consultation to their customers. They also help you in installing the auto parts that you have purchased, which means they offer the best service for your vehicle.

Explore Now, If You Haven't Yet Checked Us Out!

Willing to buy car parts online on wholesale at affordable prices? Have a look at PartsAvatar Canada as we won't let you down in any way and we would never compromise the quality of our auto parts! We've lined up the top brands in the aftermarket industry for you. There are about 400+ brand car parts, and we're sure to have what you need. With a strong backend network of manufacturers, auto body suppliers, and dealers, we provide the largest range of products at an affordable price. Our success mainly depends on the satisfaction of the customers, and we strive hard to provide better service every time. 

        Apart from providing a wide range of auto parts, we also give our customers a few additional reasons as to why should they shop from our warehouses. Our warehouse at Brampton and Edmonton is loaded with automotive replacement parts in different categories viz. body parts, car mirrors, auto lights, car brakes, vehicle suspension, car filters, engine parts, and also brand auto body parts like Mopar parts Canada, Keystone auto parts, Worldpac auto parts, Mevotech auto parts, edge car parts, Bosch, Dorman parts, etc.  

With the wide selection of car parts anywhere on the Internet, you'll always find the best quality OEM parts, replacement parts, right here at PartsAvatar.ca. But don't take our words just for it - If you are confused, check out the brand names for yourself. 

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