Zeta Tires                                                                                                                                                                                          Find Your Zeta Tire

Zeta was manufactured and distributed by SD International in 2007. Since their purchase from Michelin Europe, Zeta has used the same compound that Michelin uses to manufacture high-quality, low-cost tires that improve vehicle handling and performance for a more comfortable ride. Produced in China, Zeta is a very affordable yet strong tire brand and is a popular choice with many customers worldwide. It not only gives great value but also provides great quality and is suitable for a wide range of vehicles and weather conditions.

Zeta All-Season & Summer Tires are developed with new and innovative low-rolling-resistance technology. They feature a precision tread pattern to reduce noise and vibration through the traffic. Hence, Zeta All-Season & Summer tires provide a quiet and comfortable ride.

Zeta Summer Tires                                                                                                                                                                                    Find Your Zeta Summer Tire

ParametersZeta AlventiZeta ZTR20 
Zeta ZTR10
ConstructionThree long ribs enhance braking performance and improve high-speed handlingA solid center rib provides high-speed stabilityHigh stiffness center rib improves stability while changing lanes
Shoulder DesignVariable-pitching shoulders decrease road noisesShoulder areas consist of narrow grooves that decrease rolling resistanceUnique shoulder design boosts handling
Groove DesignInner inclined grooves improve lateral grip and decrease road noise Unidirectional grooves enhance handling on dry, wet, and snowy roadsFour optimized wide longitudinal grooves provide precise steering control on wet roads
Tread PatternAsymmetric tread design improves controllability during drivingOptimized variable pitch tread design reduces road noiseA low profile and directional tread pattern improves wet grip
Tire TypeUltra-High Performance TireHigh-Performance TireHigh-Performance Tire

Zeta All-Season Tires                                                                                                                                                                 Find Your Zeta All-Season Tire

ParametersZeta ImperoZeta ConsensoZeta Etalon
Construction 3-center block enhances straight driving stabilityHigh stiffness center block improves handlingDurable element construction enhances dry, wet, and winter performance
Shoulder DesignOptimized shoulder blocks maximize traction during corneringVariable-pitching shoulders decrease noiseIntegrated shoulder design reduces road noise
Groove DesignLateral grooves decrease hydroplaning4 straight grooves provide traction on wet and dry roadsCircumferential zigzag grooves provide exceptional wet weather performance
Tread DesignSpecial tread design improves soft, loose, and uneven terrain traction3D tread wave-patterned kerf enhances handlingOptimal Tread Pattern improves fuel economy
Tire TypeHigh-Performance TireEconomical TireEconomical Tire

ParametersZeta ToledoZeta Zivaro A/TZeta Azura
Construction                                                 5-row aggressive design with self-cleaning tread lugs provide excellent grip on roads A strong carcass enhances hill climbing and steering stabilityA solid center rib design improves high-speed stability
Shoulder DesignOff-set arrangement of shoulder blocks decreases road noiseVariable-pitching shoulders provide high stability during drivingBottom shoulders provide protection to tread and sidewall 
Groove DesignZigzag grooves provide better steering capabilitySpecial design grooves that reduce aquaplaningDouble groove enhances wet traction
Tread DesignA balanced tread pattern void ratio provides all-terrain tractionWarp around tread boosts traction on muddy and snowy roadsThe V-shaped non-directional tread provides easy rotation of the tire from front to back  and side to side
Tire TypeAll-Terrain TireAll-Terrain TireUltra-High Performance Tire

ParametersZeta Meglio
Zeta Fortrak M/T
Construction             The straight center rib improves the cornering gripAn aggressive sidewall prevents damage to the tire
Shoulder DesignShoulder tread pattern with the optimal block and siping placement improve road gripVariable-pitching shoulders reduce road noises
Groove DesignFour wide grooves enhance wet and winter tractionLarge longitudinal grooves reduce hydroplaning
Tread DesignDirectional tread design provides high-speed stabilityA specially designed tread block improves traction on muddy, sand, and snowy roads
Tire TypeUltra-High Performance TireTouring Tire