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        An effective air filter blocks any microscopic airborne contaminants (such as dust, pollen and asphalt particles) from being swallowed by the engine. For the engine to operate properly the quality of the purified air is crucial; pure clean air enhances engine performance, increases torque and aids fuel consumption. Air Contamination can also increase damage to bushings, piston rings and cylinders. The air filter media by WIX features nine pleats per inch, resulting in enhanced life and the ability to capture more engine-killing contaminants.

        Features & Benefits
        • Flame-retardant Filter Medium - The filter media in all WIX Filters are in line with the F1 or S1 flammability class, which means they do not let the fire spread, instead, they cause flames to self-extinguish. They safeguard passengers from fire in the event of the air supply system’s sucking in, e.g. ignition source.
        • Durable And Airtight Filter Seals - For the production of seals, they use a polyurethane mixture which is distinguished by its unique elasticity and resistance to compress at extremely high temperatures. Even in such operating conditions, the filters remain airtight.
        • Pleats Stabilised By Ribs - The adjacent air-filter pleats do not stick to each other, because they are stabilised by special ribs. Due to their even distribution, filtration takes place over the entire surface of the medium, maximising cleaning efficiency
        • Modern Filter Media - Based on synthetic fibres or cellulose fibres, the modern filter media used in the WIX air filters ensure 99.9% filtration efficiency for particles of just a few microns in size. The media selected for each filter depends on and is matched to the criteria set out by the vehicle manufacturers.
        • Synthetic Non-woven Panel Filters -Synthetic non-wovens have excellent filtration properties. Their capacity to absorb is greater than that of cellulose, but they are less rigid. Therefore, the problem of rigidity is solved by fixing the filter medium in a plastic frame formed through injection. A special mesh protecting against damage during operation is an additional reinforcement. The filter will not deform in difficult operating conditions, ensuring the proper protection of the engine due to this solution.
        • Panel Filters With Cellulose Blotting Paper - These filters are favoured in most of today's models of passenger car and light commercial vehicle, due to their different size and shape great care must be taken to ensure each filter can stand the pressure its subjected to under normal driving conditions, to ensure the integrity of each filter in selected filters, stabilisers or a metal retaining mesh is used to provide strength to the filter.
        • Round Filters - These filters can have the shape of an oval, a ring or a cylinder. However, in today's passenger cars, the space allocated for the air-intake system is greatly reduced. Therefore, large round filters with a complex construction are intended mainly for high-capacity premium cars. Also, they are used very rarely by car manufacturers.
        • Pleats With Ribs - This technology ensures the uniform distribution of pleats, which in turn guarantees the proper distribution of airflow over the entire surface of the filter.
        • Pleat-stabilising Fingers - A reinforcement that prevents the pleats from collapsing and the loss of stability.
        • High-quality Filter Materials - Selected to match the requirements of the engine, they stop up to 99.9% of impurities and guarantee the maximum service life of the engine.
        • Silicone Seals - Seals of this type are most frequently used in WIX filters, being resistant to outdoor conditions (temperature and vibrations); they do not crumble, do not become hard over time and, most importantly, ensure proper tightness. Thanks to their elasticity they do not deform.
        • Metal Bottom-caps With A Handle - For easy installation and removal of the filter. Used in selected models.
        • Air Flow Indicator - The equipment operates in difficult conditions (such as humidity, contaminated environment and air) which can reduce the efficiency of the air filter. The air-flow indicator is used to determine whether the filter is working correctly or it must be replaced. The indicator ensures the optimised maintenance of the air filters.


        Whether it's for automotive, diesel, racing, agricultural or industrial applications, WIX is dedicated to producing the best performing, most reliable filters in the world.

        WIX's Warranty

        Vehicle manufacturer's recommended service intervals.

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