Why Buy Aftermarket Parts Over OEM?

Looking for OEM parts? Didn't find them? So why not try the other option - Aftermarket parts? You may be a person who believes that OEM parts are the best and of good quality when compared to aftermarket parts. But it’s not so. The trends have been changing. Before believing all the myths about aftermarket parts, let's see what are aftermarket parts and why should you consider buying aftermarket parts over OEM parts.

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What Are Aftermarket Parts And OEM Parts?

Aftermarket parts are the ones that are not made by the original vehicle manufacturer which means they are made by suppliers. If any customer tells you that he is not looking for third party parts or off-market means, then he is actually referring to the aftermarket parts. If you are looking to buy a new part and at the same time save money, then you can go for aftermarket markets. They come as a direct replacement for the OEM parts. These parts work best if you want to save money. You might have a question - “Does it really matter as to who makes them”? For some it does, and for others, it does not. Most people think that the quality of aftermarket parts is very less when compared to the original ones. And that’s the reason they are sold cheap. But, recently, the trends have changed. The quality of these parts has improved and they turn out to be better than OEM parts. 

OEM, on the other hand, stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer which means they are made directly by the manufacturer of the vehicle. They are made particularly for the specific year and model. However, they cost more when compared to aftermarket parts. 

Canadian Aftermarket Automotive Parts

The automotive aftermarket sector is the largest retailer in Canada when compared to other industries. It encompasses replacement parts, tools, accessories, that is used to repair and replace automotive parts and components after their initial production. There is also a variety of spare parts at varying quality levels and pricing for all vehicle makes and models. Using the NAICS codes, Statistics, it has been estimated that Canada will experience an annual growth rate of 3-4 percent.

Why Should You Buy Aftermarket Parts?

According to research, Canada represents the second-largest automotive market where 80% of the independent shop sell aftermarket parts. Gone are the days where the quality of aftermarket parts was less compared to OEM parts. Do questions like - Are they reliable? Will they function the same way as OEM parts pop up in your mind? Here are a few reasons:

  • They are less expensive when compared to OEM parts

  • In some cases, you may end up buying parts where the quality is better than the original.

  • The performance of the aftermarket part is far superior to OEM parts

  • As there are many sellers of aftermarket parts, you have a variety of options to choose from. 

  • Unlike OEM parts, you can just walk into any auto parts store, suppliers or retailer and buy the aftermarket parts you are looking for. 

Tip: If you are a person who prefers buying aftermarket parts then stick to one specific supplier/online auto parts store. It will be much easier if you want to return them. Also, if you are well known to the supplier you can buy a lot of parts. There is also a chance to get auto parts at discount prices

Looking For Aftermarkets In Canada? PartsAvatar Is Here At The Rescue

Still confused as to where to get Aftermarket parts in Canada? Shop aftermarket parts online without any hassle from PartsAvatar. Parts Avatar is your one-stop-shopping destination, that provides you with a huge selection of auto-parts, at various price-points and performance ranges to meet your auto-part needs. Our hassle-free return policy also gives you peace of mind should you need to return or exchange any auto-parts or accessories. We’ll ship your auto-parts and accessories directly from one of our Canadian-based warehouses to ensure you’re back on the road as soon as possible. Still not satisfied? Here are a few reasons: 

6 Reasons As To Why You Should Buy Aftermarket Parts From PartsAvatar

  1. Warranty: Not every aftermarket part comes with a warranty. But if you are shopping from us, then you are sure to get a warranty. If you are looking for longevity, choose the auto part that has the longest warranty. Though the price might be slightly high, the peace of mind that you get is worth it.

  1. Quality: PartsAvatar never compromises on quality. You can easily pick the auto part you are searching for at an affordable price and the best quality. 

  1. Availability: Looked for aftermarket parts elsewhere and did not find them? Don’t worry, you are sure to get the auto part you are searching for on our website. As the demand for the aftermarket part is high, we make sure to stock them every now and then. 

  1. Options: There are a lot of options to choose an aftermarket part. Chances are that you might be overwhelmed by the choices. For instance, you can easily find the quick strut assembly with the spring and strut together at a lower price. The option of finding an auto part along with its complete assembly or supplement is available. 

  1. Price: The price always plays an important role when you select an aftermarket part. We sell aftermarket parts at an affordable price. Also, experts here at PartsAvatar can help you find the right high-quality aftermarket parts at the right price.

  1. Free Shipping: We offer discounted shipping rates or free shipping for auto parts on orders above CAD $99. If you need your parts shipped overnight to get done with your repairs at the earliest, we have that facility too. Order today and get back on the road soon.

PartsAvatar Gives You Better Value Than Everyone Else

Here are a few things you have to know as to why should you shop your car parts and accessories from PartsAvatar than elsewhere.

  • We’re 100% Canadian.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the meaning of OEM parts?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. These parts are made directly by the manufacturer (ie car makers) and not by third parties like suppliers or dealers.


  1. Is OEM the same as original?

OEM parts are specifically designed for the original products whereas the aftermarket refers to the products that are made as a replacement by a third party.

  1. Are OEM parts better?

Aftermarket parts are equal to or often better quality when compared to OEM parts at a affordable price. OEM parts more expensive and are often backed with a 1-year warranty and many aftermarket parts have good warranties too. If you are looking for better quality parts at an affordable price, then the aftermarket parts are the best.

  1. How do I know a part is OEM?

You can easily identify a part is OEM or aftermarket by the part number and company name. Also the finishes, the different kinds of plastic used and the fonts can indicate some minor difference.

  1. What is an aftermarket product?

Aftermarket parts are not sourced from the original manufacturer (ie the car maker), but they match exactly and are used as direct replacements for the original ones.

  1. Are aftermarket parts good?

A number of reputed companies and third party suppliers design aftermarket parts that function the same or better than the OEM parts. In fact, high end aftermarket parts can yield significantly better performance on a vehicle than original components.


  1. Does the aftermarket part mean used?

No, aftermarket parts are not used parts. They are brand new and come with a factory warranty. They are made by companies specialized in manufacturing automotive components.

  1. What is an aftermarket price?

As aftermarket parts are cost-effective, they are utilized by insurance companies and body shops for repairing the vehicle after an accident has occurred. When these companies or body shops use aftermarket parts, they can save a lot of money, thereby saving the money of the insurance company and as well as the consumer's money. 

9. Will it void my car manufacturer warranty if I install aftermarket parts?

Govt. regulations mandate that when you replace a component with an aftermarket part, the full vehicle warranty must still be valid. Any other repairs completely unrelated to the replaced aftermarket part must still be honored by original warranty.

10. Will my car dealership install aftermarket parts?

They can at their discretion, but generally they will only install oem parts supplied from their vendors (often at much higher costs) due to their supply chain restrictions.

11. Where can I get my aftermarket parts installed?

If you decide to install an aftermarket part, ensure that you have a reliable mechanic in your area who can install them. They generally take exactly the same amount of effort to install as OEM parts. You can also find some mobile car mechanics in your area who specialize in customization.

What is the difference between the aftermarket and the used parts?

Aftermarket Parts are new parts too, and come with factory warranty. Used OEM parts may be available at a lower price, but often it is difficult to predict how soon they may fail. New aftermarket parts are always better to buy vs previously used parts, because used ones do not come with warranty and their quality can range from good to terrible.

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