Wheel Bearings

Wheel bearings are simply a set of steel balls kept in place by a metal ring called a race. Their job is to enable the wheel – or wherever else they're attached – to spin with as little friction as possible. On a vehicle, they sit between the axle and the wheel, enabling the wheel and hub to spin freely on the axle. Heat and water are enemies of a wheel bearing, and even though most modern wheel bearings are sealed, damage to that seal can allow water to enter, leading to a loss of lubrication, increase in heat, and premature failure.

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Wheel Bearing by Moog

Wheel Bearing by Moog

MOOG brings you a full range of Wheel Bearings
When a car needs brake work, the wheel-end bearings should be checked. Each bearing consists of rollers, a cage and inner and outer raceways and every part must be inspected for discoloration, etching, spalling, misalignment and fractures. MOOG offers the most complete wheel bearing range in the market. The innovative design of these direct replacement parts makes them strong and anti-friction, ensuring a safe, smooth steering performance for many more miles.
How is high performance achieved?
A premium seal design prevents contamination and protects bearing life. Each steel bearing is manufactured to ultra-precise tolerances for minimal vibration and longer life. Crowned raceways and rollers prevent misalignment and the rollers are precision-matched to reduce vibration. The bearings are enhanced through a sophisticated heat treatment process for maximum material hardness and extended life.
Quick-look benefits
* LONG-LASTING: Made of premium materials and put through severe durability tests
* STRONG: Extra resistant to heavy loads and pollutants
* CONVENIENT: Comprehensive range from Generation 0 up to Generation 3 bearings
* EASY: All hardware is included for speedy installation
TIP: signs of wheel-end bearing damage include vibration, noise and irregular brake pedal response.

Wheel Cylinder by Advics

ADVICS Aftermarket

Premier supplier of original equipment brake system products
The ADVICS brake system achieves a higher level of safety based on engineering expertise and know-how from OEM business. The optimum control derived from the ADVICS total braking system results in a comfortable a safe ride every time. With applications for passenger cars, SUVs and light trucks, ADVICS products meet or exceed specifications, assuring industry-leading braking performance.
ADVICS's Wheel Cylinders are an OEM design that fits vehicle specific applications and ensures a proper fit. These wheels' cylinder has exacting tolerances and facilitate easy engaging/disengaging of the brake shoes, delivering the required force for safe, effective braking.
* Anodizing and "Kaizen" plating of cylinder bodies strengthens surface
* Smooth operation of the piston while resisting corrosion
* Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPDM)
* Prevent leakage; superior resistance to heat and corrosion; long service life
* Quick-Response OEM design
No delay in reaction to driver's clutch and brake pedal input; precise fit; consistent, safe and reliable performance

Wheel end Seals

Axle seals

Seals in wheel bearings are key in determining the life of the unit. If the seal allows external contaminants to enter the bearing or lubricant to escape from the bearing, then premature failure of the unit will result.

SKF wheel end seals providing oil and grease sealing offer enhanced performance in a wide range of temperatures and fluid environments, performance and longer life under virtually all driving and road conditions.

SKF's custom design capabilities, testing procedures and extensive production experience allow development of the most advanced designs to keep out road contamination and retain lubricant in the bearings.
For wheel end applications we can provide seals for:
* Cars and light trucks
* Heavy duty trucks and off road applications
* Motorcycles and recreational vehicles

Wheel Bearing by SKF

Angular contact ball bearings

For racing car hub bearing unit (HBU) applications SKF manufactures high precision thin section angular contact ball bearings (ACBB). The bearings can have custom designs with bespoke ring dimensions and special internal geometry. The bearings can be supplied as a matched preloaded set. Using SKF modelling programs the internal bearing design can be optimized to suit all application conditions. SKF can also provide their customers with tailored solutions by using special materials such as peek, silicon nitride rolling elements and Viton seals etc.

Central Nut Hub Bearing Unit

SKF provides customized Angular contact ball bearings for transmission applications as pinion unit. With the high-end knowledge and software support, SKF can calculate and realize the correct preload in order to optimize the bearing performances in term of life, stiffness and friction. Furthermore, the applications can be optimized in term of external dimensions, load carrying capacity, internal geometry, cage design. Special heat treatments and hybrid solutions, with silicon nitride rolling elements, are used in order to reach the customer requirements in term of temperature, speed, life and friction. SKF can provide an extensive range of standard and customized ACBB for racing applications.
The bearings can be fitted with a lightweight peek cage that has a large fill of silicon nitride rolling elements. Silicon nitride rolling elements help to reduce the rolling friction and contribute to a high bearing stiffness. Rings can be manufactured from a number of different materials, with different heat treatments applied, making them suitable for a large range of operating temperatures. Low friction double lip or PTFE lined single lip seals can be integrated in the bearing to retain lubrication and prevent contamination ingress; Special HT materials such as Viton are available when needed. Greased and sealed-for-life, the high precision angular contact ball bearing (ACBB) has a high axial and carrying capacity stiffness giving a better clutch response and longer service life.

Hub Bearing Units and Special HBUs

When a high racing performance is required and when there is little time to change the car wheel during a race, SKF's Central Nut bearing unit is the ideal solution. The Central Nut bearing design, integrated on a third generation bearing, optimizes the boundaries dimensions, increases the stiffness and decreases the overall weight. This hub bearing unit helps improve vehicle handling through increased hub stiffness that supports the heavy forces encountered during cornering. The units have been validated and proven to meet GT class championships demands.

Special Greases

Thanks to SKF large experience in wheel bearings units for car application, SKF is also able to extend this technology with wide range of units for wheel applications in the racing field. SKF provides specific integrated unit for racing applications in order to provide excellent performance under sever working conditions. Sensor integration in hub bearing units is one of the older examples of mechatronics in cars. Special HBU solutions can also be designed for demanding requirements especially for racing applications, in which can be adopted tailored preloads, grease type, materials, depending on customer requirements and application conditions. Hub bearing unit are integrated suspension subsystem, allowing to increase bearing load capacity for a given dimension. SKF has developed specific design for racing applications. These units are designed for high cornering and the demands of a vehicle being driven at its limits. On top of load capacity, high tilting stiffness are desirable, as brake and tire performances should be maintained even at high lateral loads.
They can be designed with the following features:
* SKF X-Tracker design
* Single nut variant for quick wheel changes
* High performance wheel hub grease, for high load and temperatures
* Low friction seals
* Ceramic balls, for stiffness, weight and minimal friction
* Higher preloads, for higher lateral stiffness
* Higher contact angles and shoulder heights, for maximum cornering loads

Wheel Bearing

Lubrication of bearings is always an important issue. In Racing where bearings tend to run closely to their operational limits the lubrication can become critical. SKF has chosen many special greases and tested and proven these for different motorsport applications. Below are some examples of bearing applications requiring particular greases. SKF can supply suitable greased and sealed bearings for each of these applications. For more information about SKF greases, follow this.

Clutch release bearings

* In Racing wheel bearings tend to run close to their load limits while exposed to high temperatures from the braking systems and drive shaft. Rally and off-road cars may also expose the bearings to dirty or moist environments. Therefore the grease must tolerate high contact pressures and temperatures and have some capability to exclude dirt and water. One good example of a racing wheel bearing grease is the SKF LGHP2 or the SKF LGWA2.

Pilot bearings

* Clutch release bearings are often exposed to high temperatures, however mostly the loads are low. Only when the clutch is opened is the bearing carrying a significant load. Therefore the bearing requires grease which can withstand high temperatures, protect the rolling elements from sliding under low load conditions and high speed gradients. PTFE based greases are commonly used in these circumstances. One such grease is the SKF LGET2.
* Sometimes the clutch will work in the opposite way loading the bearing to keep the clutch open and unloading when the clutch closes. In this case as the bearing is carrying load most of the time a PTFE grease is no longer suitable. Please contact SKF Racing for advice in this case.

Kart bearings

* Pilot bearings, typically sitting between engine and gearbox, have no net speed across the bearing when engine and gearbox are coupled (clutch closed) but can have high speeds when the clutch is closed. Also the speed gradients can be very high. The bearing will normally carry little or no load. Therefore the grease must protect the surfaces when they are running with no load, but must also be able to withstand high speed gradients. Grease such as the SKF LGHB2 may be suitable.

Motor Generator Unit Greases

* Kart axle unit bearings run at relatively low speed, low loads and low temperatures. However as the Kart is normally power limited it is important to reduce the friction losses from the grease as much as possible. Therefore, SKF recommends thin grease such as SKF LGLT2 grease.


* MGU's are being adopted increasingly in Racing as Hybrid race cars are developed. Greases for these applications must be able to withstand high speed gradients and high temperatures however the loads are normally low. Please contact SKF Racing for advice in this case.


As an alternative to electrical KERS devices flywheel based devices are also being developed. As issue in this application is how to lubricate the bearings, particularly if placed in a vacuum. Lubrication in a vacuum at extreme speeds, with moderate loads and the potential of high temperatures from surrounding components is a difficult environment. Please contact SKF Racing for advice in this case.

Wheel Bearing by Beck Arnley

Hub & Roller Bearings

Beck/Arnley's strategy of sourcing using the basis of Application Specific Sourcing is the focus of our 051 series - wheel bearing category. We search the globe looking for those suppliers who can supply us the highest quality, good coverage, and competitive pricing. We are using over twenty sources of supply for this product category. We go to great lengths to ensure we put the best bearing available, a perfect vehicle fit, into the Beck/Arnley box. Bearings are sourced from high quality manufacturers located in Japan, Thailand, Germany, China and the United States to name just a few of the primary locations.
Key Features:
* Material Specifications to control steel that ensures clean steel which increases bearing life and durability
* Heat Treatment Specifications to control location and depth of case hardened pattern which increase bearing reliability and life
* Engineering Specifications to control bearing pathway curvature, surface finish, roundness, and harmonics (lobbing) for quiet smooth running operation
* Cold Forming technology to specify required design and machine controls to ensure proper function of the formed bearing without lose of performance
* Validation of the product is confirmed via OEM level engineering
Quality Control:
Engineering is controlled by relevant functions and meets or exceeds standards per each kind of product. Key equipment used in the Quality Control process:
* Optical Spectrometer
* Bearing Life Tester
* Vibration Instrument Tester
* Hardness Tester
* Mud Splash Durability Tester
* Bearing Torque Tester
* Hub Flange Bearing Bending Fatigue Tester
* Axial Preliminary Load Tester
* Hub Bearing Unit Moment Rigid Tester
* Dust Tester for Seal Performance

Wheel Cylinders by Bosch

Bosch Brakes

No Compromises Concerning Safety
Bosch is an internationally renowned brake manufacturer with production facilities around the world working to exceptionally stringent quality standards. More than 10,000 products guarantee a high level of market coverage - from individual components right through to complete systems. As pioneer in the field of electronic driving safety, Bosch can also guarantee excellent functionality in this area thanks to intensive research and close cooperation with vehicle manufacturers.

Bosch Wheel-Brake Cylinders

Long-Term Braking Safety
Wheel-brake cylinders have to be replaced in the event of defective dust boots or leakages. Brake fluid could otherwise come into contact with the brake linings and impair the braking action. Bosch wheel-brake cylinders are made of cast iron or aluminium. In combination with tight tolerances, these high-quality materials ensure a long service life as well as optimum operation and freedom from leaks.
The complete package: Drum brake kits from Bosch
Drum brake shoes and wheel brake cylinders have a similar lifetime. Bosch therefore recommend replacing all parts at the same time. Drum brake kits from Bosch can help to save plenty of time. In the Bosch Super Pro kit for example, all the components are supplied fully pre-assembled. And there is just one order number for all the parts.