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About Wheel Lug Nut & Bolt

Fasteners are used to tighten two different parts and they can either be a screw, a nut, or a bolt. A wheel lug nut or bolts or wheel nut are such [fasteners] (, which is used to secure a wheel on a vehicle. Wheel lug nuts and bolts are found on every car, truck, and other large vehicles that have wheels. wheelscan be tightened on the vehicle by lug nuts or wheel bolts. A lug nut is a fastener with one rounded or conical (tapered) end, which can be used on steel and aluminum wheels. There are three major types of lug nuts, conical tapered, ball radius, and a flat seat. The lug nuts can have a different size of hex, threading, and length.

It is always necessary to use a proper size of wheel nuts and bolts with proper [torque] ( for the wheel. Failure to do so may cause the vehicle to vibrate and could cause the lug nuts or bolts to loosen while driving. Wheel bolts use a threaded stem attached to a tapered head that matches the wheel insert. The bolt goes from the wheel, through the brake rotor, straight into the hub, locking everything in place. When these lug bolts are tightened properly, there is no chance that could cause the fastener to come out. The lug bolts and nuts are available in a quantity of four, five, six, and in heavy trucks can be around eight to ten on a single wheel.