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About Wheel Stud & Nuts

The only thing keeping your vehicle on the road and securing the wheels to your vehicle is the wheel studs and nuts. The wheel studs are part of the wheel hub, which is connected to the suspension system. Lug nuts are used to secure the wheel to the wheel hub. Wheels studs are made of heavy-duty steel as they are required to withstand the weight of the vehicle, along with immense forces and stresses during high-speed cornering, acceleration, and braking. Lug nuts are made of durable materials as they are removed and tightened several times while servicing. Lug nuts also have to withstand several lateral stresses and forces.

The wheel studs and nuts are basic but crucial elements of the vehicle. The studs are attached to the wheel hub and they also hold the brake disc or rotor in place. Studs are the only thing keeping your vehicle afloat on the wheels. To avoid theft, special lug nuts called lock nuts are used. They can be opened only with a unique wrench key that fits over the lug and allows loosening of the locknut.