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Get To Know Your Saturn S Series Better

The S-series debuted in the model year 1991 with the Sport Coupe (SC) and Sedan Level (SL) models. The SC was only available with the DOHC (Dual Overhead Cam) engine. A change beginning with the 1999 model year gave the SC a small suicide door on the driver's side to improve rear-seat access. This type of door was used in extended carriages but was a coupe-style invention. The Saturn SC coupe in the first generation was made between 1990 and 1996. Originally only one trim level, Saturn's first-generation SC coupe was available. The SC. SaturnSC's 1990-1992 DOHC 1.9-liter LL0 was equated with the 123 hp (92 kW) inline-four engines. The original standard SC coupe model was renamed SC2 for the 1993 model year and a new SC1 trim level has been added. The SC2 and the SC1 were all fitted with revamped door locks and a reclassified automatic transmission for the 1994 model year. In 1995, the first generation SC2 was revamped a little by both the front bumper and the backlights. The SC1 and the SC2 were updated for the 1995 model year with an airbag for the first passenger and a new, revamped dashboard.

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