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The Saturn L series was a range of automobiles, sedans, and wagon stations made in Wilmington, Delaware by Saturn Corporation. Bad sales of cars of the L-series caused the line to be canceled by GM in 2005. The L-series sedan models included the LS, the LS1, and the LS2, and the LW1 and LW2 station wagons. 2001: All sedan and wagon stations in the L-series have been designated for the 2001 model year. Early in the development cycle, the L series was plagued by a number of quality issues, mostly related to engine faults, drive faults, and overall fit/finish problems. Now, the Saturn L series was limited to just one model for the 2005 model year: the L300.2 sedan. On June 17, 2004, the last iteration of the Saturn L-series (L300.2 sedan) rounded the assembly line.

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