Error Code P228D: What It Means & What To Do?

OBD Code P228D - Fuel Pressure Regulator 1 Exceeded Control Limits - Pressure Too High

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The trouble code P228D can be elucidated as Fuel Pressure Regulator 1 Exceeded Control Limits - Pressure Too High. This error code would start appearing when a high voltage signal from the control circuit of the electronic fuel pressure regulator would be detected by the powertrain control module.

Learn More About OBD Error Code P228D

This trouble code is generic, which would mean that it can apply to all the vehicles which are equipped with the OBD-II or the vehicles which are made since 1996 up to the present. The specifications on the definition, the troubleshooting steps as well as repairs can always vary from one vehicle make to another. The fuel pressure regulator 1 is being monitored by the engine control module. This trouble code would be set by the PCM when the fuel pressure regulator 1 would not be as per the specifications set by the manufacturer.


What causes this problem with the Fuel Pressure Regulator 1 Exceeded Control Limits - Pressure Too High?


  • There might be low engine oil pressure/level
  • Inappropriate engine
  • The fuel pressure sensor might not be functioning properly
  • Quirks in the fuel pressure regulator
  • The wiring or connectors in the fuel pressure regulator control circuit might be unlocked
  • Malfunctioning PCM or a PCM programming error

Replace/Repair These Parts To Fix Code P228D

  1. Engine Control Module - Dead cells in batteries can cause a failure in the engine control module. Many times a battery is left in the rig long after a cell has died. This would affect the grounding in the car battery.
  2. Fuel Injector - Faulty fuel injector, it will cause rough idles and difficulty in starting. Also, it will affect the fuel economy and engine performance. Fuel injector can also crack or break leading to leakages and should be replaced immediately.
  3. Powertrain Control Module - If there are some faults in the PCM, then it may throw off the timing and fuel settings of the engine, which can negatively affect the performance. A flawed PCM may cause the vehicle to experience a reduction in fuel efficiency, power as well as acceleration.
  4. Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor - The fuel tank pressure sensor helps in many ways, most importantly by saving fuel, minimizing environmental pollution, and preventing damage to the engine. The pressure sensor, which is normally positioned inside or on top of the tank, works to detect the pressure in the fuel system, with the end goal of identifying leaks and defective gas caps. Thus, replace faulty sensor now!
  5. Fuel Sender Connector - Always check for faulty sender connectors as they can hinder the fuel delivery system, leading to lean or rich engine conditions, causing performance issues. Thus, replace faulty fuel sender connectors now!
  6. Electronic Control Unit - Do you know that the poor performance or unexplained drops in fuel economy or efficiency are often associated to onboard car computer problems, or defective ECU issues?
  7. Diagnostic Tools - Use factory grade diagnostic tools to resolve OBD code P228D error. Buy new diagnostic tools and equipment for us.

Symptoms Of The OBD Error Code P228D

You might be thinking that how would you diagnose these problems? We at Parts Avatar Canada would help you diagnose the major symptoms easily.

Common Symptoms

  • Visibility in the check engine light
  • Decrease in the fuel efficiency
  • A lot of black smoke might start coming out from vehicle exhaust
  • No start condition might exist
  • Some engine misfire codes and idle control related codes might appear
  • The startup might be delayed when the engine is cool

How To Correct Fuel Pressure Regulator 1 Exceeded Control Limits - Pressure Too High Issue

Looking out for some ways with the help of which you can correct this fault code? Then you have arrived at the correct place. We are here to help you out, so you must check out the steps mentioned below as follows:

  • The malfunctioning fuel pressure sensor should be repaired or replaced as per the need
  • Carefully adjust the faults in the engine control module
  • Recondition the non-functioning fuel pressure regulator harness
  • Make sure to mend the faulty fuel pressure regulator circuit
  • Adjust the flawed fuel pressure regulator

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Easy Diagnosis Of Engine Error OBD Code P228D

Here are some steps which you should follow in order to diagnose this fault code:

  • Take the help of an experienced mechanic who will visually inspect the wiring and connectors.
  • Find and freeze frame data with the code. Then, clear the code and take the vehicle on a test drive under the same conditions.
  • If the code reappears, perform a visual inspection of the components and its wiring.
  • If the wiring is okay, the injector itself will be tested to confirm operation.
  • The mechanic will repair or replace faults in relation to the fuel pressure regulator and fuel pressure sensor.
  • Check for the voltage and ground circuits at the electronic fuel regulator (1) and fuel pressure sensor/s, suspect it to be fault and might need replacement.
  • If there is no problem found, check for the faulty ECU. Although, this fault is very rare but can be a reason for problematic exhaust system, thus hampering the engine performance. The ECU needs to be replaced in such condition and has to be reprogrammed to erase any stored faulty error.

Common Mistakes When Diagnosing The P228D Code

  • PCM might start failing
  • Some issues related to the fuel pressure regulator
  • Issues with the car wiring

Other Diagnostic Codes Related To OBD Code P228D

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