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Taillights are very essential to a vehicle, and they range from simple incandescent bulbs to LEDs. There are three types of bulbs used for tail lighting: halogen, LED, and xenon (HID). Each bulb has its own benefits and drawbacks, so it is necessary to review the user manual of your car before determining which one is appropriate for your vehicle. Tailored tail lights feature European-style lights, LED light, fiber optics and other high-tech lighting sources, smoked lens lights and special bezels, and even some lights that have many of these attributes. Euro, also known as Altezza, tail lights are characterized by chrome or black backdrop with individual lenses or bulbs that are red, clear, or yellow under a transparent or smoked outer lens. Such lights are available in a variety of colors, patterns, and bulb/lens combinations, and offer an easy way to customize your vehicle and give it a unique appearance. The compact size of the LEDs makes it easy to organize in interesting designs, enabling designers to create many intriguing styles. They are incredibly robust, with an estimated lifetime of between 50,000 and 75,000 hours. The light they generate is much brighter, much more alluring than the incandescent light, and they reach their full intensity approximately 200 milliseconds faster than the incandescent light bulbs, making them suitable for 3rd brake lights. Some new custom tail lights use LEDs combined with fiber optic technology to create dazzling light bars. So if you’ve got a pickup, you can add character and protection to our LED light bars that act as running lights, brake light, turn signal lights, and hazards. Halogen tail lights are conventional in most vehicles due to their low cost. This type of back light uses halogen gas combined with tungsten halogen filaments to produce light. One of the drawbacks of using this kind of tail light is its lifetime. Some cars use Xenon bulbs for their tail lights, but this is unlikely to be the case because Xenon bulbs are bright and annoying to the eyes. This form of tail light is also very costly and used by professionals. Apart from the bulb being the major aspect of the tail light, the color of the tail light housing is very important too. There are many options, like shades of deep black or chrome. Black and smoked tail lights offer a unique look to the car. These lights have black backgrounds, dark bezels, and lights with smoked lenses, and are accessible with the latest high-tech features and styles.

Tail lights illuminate the rear end of the automobile, alerting other drivers to maintain distance between you and them, especially under low-visibility circumstances. Since they are positioned in the rear, they enable other drivers to estimate the size and shape of your vehicle. In most vehicles, the brake lights are mounted on the same frame, sharing the outer cover of the tail lights. Brake lights will illuminate only when you exert pressure on the brakes while the tail lights turn on along with your headlamps or when your Parking brakes is on. The brake and tail lights are components of the rear light of the vehicle. While some manufacturers offer various colors, most states specifically mandate the use of red tail lights. Since tail lights work at the same time as headlights, these two are always wired together.