Front Hub Assembly by MEVOTECH - H518507

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CAD$ 40.42



Product Information


Mevotech Supreme Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly are designed in-house with enhancements for specific applications to increase performance and longevity. Mevotech Supreme hub bearing assemblies are designed for heavy-duty fleets, working trucks, SUVs, and commercial and passenger cars. Additionally, the hardware and creative Labor Saver™ designs allow for quicker and simpler installations.

Features & Benefits

  • Mevotech Supreme Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly offers increased assembly rigidity decreases vibration and prolongs part life. Roll forming was used in the design process to lock internal components for a predetermined preload right out of the box
  • ABS cable has greater strength and abrasion resistance thanks to higher gauge and strain reliefs
  • High temperature, intense pressure, corrosion resistance, and friction reduction are all characteristics of premium lubricant
  • Layers of defense are provided by the multi-point sealing system to keep pollutants out and essential grease in
  • Ultimate performance and strength are guaranteed by extensive internal and external durability testing

MEVOTECH's Warranty

Limited lifetime on Supreme Chassis and Boot Kits. The warranty on Original Grade Chassis is 5 year, 100,000km. 1 Year, 20,000km on Strut Mount. On Bellow Kits the warranty is 90 days. On Hubs,bearings,seals 1 Year, 20,000km of warranty.

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