Front Hub Assembly by MEVOTECH - H515052

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    Spirited Driver


      Improved Design

      • Design Improvement over Manufacturer specifications
      • Problem Solver
      Structure Quality

      Exceeds OEM

      • Elevated quality of materials used
      • Increased part performance

      High Durability

      • Durable for the tough situations
      • Enforced Material for added protection

      Precise Fit

      • Precision sizing of installation location
      • Improved Curvature
      • Exact Size & Dimensions


      • Treated at OEM Specifications
      • Corrosion Prevention
      • Reduced Wear Activator


      • Material used in part build increases parts overall lifespan
      • Decreases need for a future replacement over OEM

      Product Information


      Mevotech Supreme Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly are designed in-house with enhancements for specific applications to increase performance and longevity. Mevotech Supreme hub bearing assemblies are designed for heavy-duty fleets, working trucks, SUVs, and commercial and passenger cars. Additionally, the hardware and creative Labor Saver™ designs allow for quicker and simpler installations.

      Features & Benefits

      • Mevotech Supreme Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly offers increased assembly rigidity decreases vibration and prolongs part life. Roll forming was used in the design process to lock internal components for a predetermined preload right out of the box
      • ABS cable has greater strength and abrasion resistance thanks to higher gauge and strain reliefs
      • High temperature, intense pressure, corrosion resistance, and friction reduction are all characteristics of premium lubricant
      • Layers of defense are provided by the multi-point sealing system to keep pollutants out and essential grease in
      • Ultimate performance and strength are guaranteed by extensive internal and external durability testing

      MEVOTECH's Warranty

      Limited lifetime on Supreme Chassis and Boot Kits. The warranty on Original Grade Chassis is 5 year, 100,000km. 1 Year, 20,000km on Strut Mount. On Bellow Kits the warranty is 90 days. On Hubs,bearings,seals 1 Year, 20,000km of warranty.

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      From the manufacturer

      Mevotech was established by Ezer Mevorach in 1982. For more than 30 years, it has been revolutionizing the automotive aftermarket. Mevotech is a trusted market leader in the design and manufacture of driveline, steering, and suspension aftermarket parts. As part of the company's commitment to providing high-quality, technologically advanced automotive parts that make a significant difference to the performance of vehicles, the company is constantly researching, innovating, and evolving. Keeping the future in mind, Mevotech's product lines are designed to deal with an evolving automotive market. Providing premium quality products at reasonable prices has helped Mevotech succeed for over three decades.

      By focusing on innovations for the driveline, steering, and suspension, Mevotech is able to deliver leading parts coverage designed with technicians in mind. They are committed to having the best service and support in the industry. Mevotech control arms and Mevotech ball joints go through rigorous testing in extreme conditions. It ensures low depreciation and enhanced reliability and life. Mevotech benchmark X Factor technology proves that it always goes the extra mile to do things better. Mevotech's X Factor technology means greasable parts for longer service life, thicker forgings to reduce excessive twisting and flexing of suspension systems, along with numerous other advantages that make its aftermarket parts more durable and perform better than their competitors.

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