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If you think all family sedans are made equal, the nimble and curvy Mazda 6 is in for a surprise. It lives up to its racy looks, too-a precision-tuned suspension and driver-focused cabin make it the perfect option for drivers. A 184-hp 2.5-liter inline-four teams either with a six-speed manual or an automatic six-speed. The seven-inch infotainment system is simple to use, and additional protection is provided by optional automatic emergency braking and adaptive cruise control. The lower-average price of the Mazda 6 makes it an appealing car in a competitive class but it stands out due to its high-quality interior, outstanding fuel economy, and superior performance. The Mazda 6 does, however, feature a sluggish and unresponsive upgraded navigation system. The integration systems for Apple CarPlay or Android Auto Smartphone will solve this issue, but the Mazda 6 does not give either.

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Frequent Issues & Solutions for Mazda 6

With all the perks going their way, there are some problems that the owners might face with their Mazda 6 vehicle, especially with the models of years 2004, 2010, and 2014. Read through this section to know more about your Mazda 6 vehicle.

  1. Mazda 6 Windows Problems - Regular checks of the windows are advisable for this car as the electrical may fail as well as damage the windows causing problems for the driver to drive properly. The power windows, rooftop mirrors, and rear-view mirrors sometimes fail to respond properly and even crack under extreme weather conditions. Thus, we recommend frequent checks of the car window parts. Get quality Mazda 6 automotive glass and parts at PartsAvatar Canada.
  2. Mazda 6 Body/ Paint Problems - The owners of the Mazda 6 model might face some issues like paint chipping and excessive rusting. Some other minor issues which people might face are bumper falls apart easily, paint chipping on rims, rust spots on the trunk, and trunk lid will not stay open. The most common solution to this problem is to try preparing the car surface once again and then the affected areas should be repainted. Have a look at top-notch Mazda 6 car body parts.
  3. Mazda 6 Engine Failure Problem - There might be problems of overheating of the engine, or oil contamination which may be contaminated by coolant, other contamination, or improper circulation. Often when an engine has seized, the heat and pressure of the pistons against the cylinder walls fuse them together, like a weld. Major warning signs include check engine warning light indication, loss of power, gas mileage drop off, engine stalling, and rough running. Visit PartsAvatar Canada to get quality Mazda 6 engine components.
  4. Mazda 6 Electrical Problem - Dim headlights or brake lights may be an indication of charging malfunction, resistance in the electrical system, loose wires, or a severely discharged battery. A bad alternator is usually the cause of dim lights when problems such as loose wire, a slipping belt, or corrosion are not found. Visit PartsAvatar Canada to buy Mazda 6 starting and charging components.
  5. Mazda 6 Interior Problem - Some of the most common problems may occur due to the failure of the interiors and electrical systems of Mazda 6. This includes the display of wrong information to the driver or even the complete malfunction of a particular electric component. In such a situation, the complete electrical systems have to be replaced. Get genuine Mazda 6 interior parts only at PartsAvatar Canada.
  6. Mazda 6 Transmission Problem - The Mazda 6 might sometimes have problems of noisy transmission and occasional slipping of transmission. It can be due to low transmission fluid levels, problems in torque converter or transmission gear mechanism, and other transmission parts. Such situations require immediate replacement of old parts. Visit PartsAvatar Canada for genuine Mazda 6 transmission parts.
  7. Mazda 6 Steering Problems - Some of the issues that the driver can face are with the steering of the car. Complaints of the car getting pulled in one direction and steering getting locked while reversing are common. We suggest a proper check of your steering system for alignments and any faulty parts that need to be replaced immediately. Visit PartsAvatar Canada to get quality Mazda 6 steering systems.
  8. Mazda 6 Fuel System Problem - Older models of Mazda 6 might have issues with fuel filter, fuel injector, fuel pump, or any other component. Under load, fuel demand increases, and a clogged fuel filter reduces the needed flow. As the fuel filter gets dirty, the fuel pump works much harder. Thus, the stricter filter can damage the fuel pump and other parts. Visit PartsAvatar Canada to buy genuine Mazda 6 fuel delivery systems and components.
  9. Mazda 6 Brake Problems - The people who own Mazda 6 may face some car brake problems like car brakes making a squeaking noise. It may also be due to brake fluid problems and problems in the master cylinder with possible wear out of brake pads and brake lines as well. If you want to get rid of this problem, then you must buy brand new brake parts by visiting PartsAvatar Canada to buy top-quality Mazda 6 brake parts.
  10. Mazda 6 Suspension Problems - If you have Mazda 6, you might face problems in your rear and front shocks and excessive leakage. This destabilizes the drive and makes handling unpredictable. Other symptoms include car  pulling to one side while driving, feeling every bump in the road, one corner of the car sitting low and difficult steering. Thus, immediate care has to be taken. Visit PartsAvatar Canada for genuine Mazda 6 suspension parts.

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