ALL SEASON 14" Tire 185/65R14 by MAXXIS

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Product Information


Maxxis AP2 is an all-season tire with a specially made tread pattern that ensures reliable contact of the tire with the road surface and optimal vehicle behavior on the road. It's made with high-quality rubber. Its electronic control guarantees stability. AP2’s double-layered steel reinforcement and 3-D siping provide additional rigidity and better wet handling.

Features & Benefits

  • Directional tread pattern removes water, mud, and snow easily and provides better driving in winter conditions.
  • Double belting reinforces the build, makes it wear-proof, and extends the tire’s lifespan.
  • Wide shoulders provide great drive on dry terrain.

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From the manufacturer

Maxxis Tires is the world's ninth-largest tire manufacturer, with headquarters in Taiwan since 1967. Initially focused on bicycle tires, it quickly expanded into other market segments, developing tires for motorcycles, ATVs, automobiles, light trucks, and commercial vehicles. Maxxis has been committed to producing tires that riders and drivers can rely on for quality and performance since its inception more than 50 years ago.

If you are looking for a quiet ride, Maxxis Bravo HP M3 is for you. Its unique design reduces perceived pattern noise, providing a quiet ride. Whether you're driving to work and back or taking a long trip on a straight highway, this all-season tire has you covered. For excellent handling on dry and wet roads, you can choose Maxxis Victra MA Z4S. Its circumferential grooves channel water easily enhances hydroplane resistance and provides great traction on snowy surfaces.

Other tires in this brand include Maxxis Escapade CUV, Maxxis Buckshot Mudder II, Maxxis NS5, Maxxis ArcticTrekker-NP3, Maxxis Victra-MA-Z4S, Maxxis Razr AT, and many more, that provide excellent wet performance and smooth ride. Maxxis's key motto is "Continuous improvement in order to improve existing quality while also developing new innovations".