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Headlights and headlight assemblies are one of the most important components of automotive lighting in any vehicle. Headlights refer to the housing where the bulb is situated to provide optimum light output and beam. The chrome paint reflects the light that the headlight outputs on to the road. A headlamp is a lamp mounted to the front of a vehicle to illuminate the road ahead for the driver. The term headlight is sometimes used interchangeably to refer to the headlamp. The headlight actually refers to the beam of light produced by the headlamp. Projector headlights project light on to the road. LED bulbs are a new addition and recently introduced as led headlight units in some vehicles. If you find that few components of your headlights are not functioning properly, then the best thing to do would be to replace the headlight assembly.

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Never compromise on the quality of headlights of your car. Headlights show you the way while driving in the dark. The market is filled with a range of headlights: projector headlights, xenon headlights and sealed beam headlights. Their bright headlight beams improve visibility at night. If you are looking to replace your car’s headlights or its components make sure to check out the range of headlights available in the market and select the most appropriate ones for your vehicle. You might need to purchase aftermarket headlights, car headlights, replacement headlights, sealed beam headlights, high beam headlights, led projector headlights, projector beam headlights or composite headlights.

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Just as you have a wide assortment of headlights, headlight bulbs and other headlight components, there is a wide array of brands and manufacturers. Popular manufacturers include General Electric, Hella, Dorman, Blue Streak and Littelfuse. They manufacture different components of headlights for cars and trucks. Headlight components include headlamps, headlight bulbs, headlight lens, headlight bezel, headlight covers, headlight ring etc. Anzo, Sylvania, LED Halo and Euro are renowned for their headlights while 3M is known for its headlight restoration kit. If you are searching for any of the above replacements check out PartsAvatar for quality products at economical prices.

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Night driving is typically wrought with risks and much depends on the skill of the driver. Headlights play an important role in this process as the driver can only see the road up to where the headlights assembly can reach. Good quality headlights enable you to see the road even during low-visibility situations. The headlight actually refers to the beam of light produced by the headlamp. Typically headlights have two kinds of settings: high beam and low beam. The low beam focuses light on the road in front of the vehicle while the high beam is used when it is pitch dark outside and during low visibility conditions. You should never risk driving at night without proper headlights.


When other vehicles are present ahead of your vehicle, car headlamps provide light that gives adequate forward and lateral illumination without dazzling other drivers with excessive glare. This beam is known as low beam and is used when you want to prevent light from being cast directly into the eyes of drivers of preceding or oncoming cars.

The high beam provides an intense light with no particular control of glare. They are suitable when there are no other vehicles around on the road as they dazzle other drivers and make visibility poor for oncoming vehicles. They are usually suitable when you are alone on a highway or road.

Projector headlights project light on to the road. In this case the bulb is mounted within a projector bowl similar to the reflector housing. Generally projector headlights provide superior light output with a sharp cutoff line and focused light. LED bulbs are a new addition and recently introduced as headlight units in some vehicles.

In case you need to replace your car headlights or truck headlights check out whether all components of your vehicle’s headlights are in good working condition. Headlight components include headlight bulbs, headlight cover, headlight bezel, headlight lens, headlight ring, car headlight, truck headlight, headlight replacement, headlight housing, headlight restoration kit, sylvania headlight bulbs, rectangular headlights, projector led lights, headlight mounting bracket, headlight mounting panel, headlight mounting ring and headlight retainer ring.