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About Hub Assembly

The steering wheel hub assembly is essentially the mounting point for the wheels of a vehicle. It is also known as the hub assembly, wheel hub unit, wheel bearing, etc. It includes the wheel bearing and the support lugs. In most of the newer vehicle models, you may also find a speed sensor and ABS sensor attached to the unit by an electrical connector. The job of the wheel hub is to keep the wheel spinning freely on the wheel bearing. The wheel hub is the principal component that holds the wheels to the car and hence is very crucial to the vehicle.

The hubs of the driven wheels differ from the ones that are not, even though they look similar. They are constructed differently because the drive hubs incorporate the driveshafts. With a front-wheel-drive car, the hub has to perform two functions, one is to drive the wheels, and the second is to swivel so that the car can be steered. In order for this to be possible, the hub rotates in a huge casing which is known as the hub carrier. This carrier itself is mounted to the suspension by ball joint, which allow it to swivel, and move up and down. The cars with MacPherson struts have a different setup. In these cars, the hub carrier has a ball joint present at the bottom, which is bolted or is a part of the strut at the top. The upper swivel is formed by the struts top mount where it joins the inner wing. The amount of hub carrier swivel is controlled by the steering gear, which has the steering arm attached to it by another joint.