Fuel Filters

Fuel filters collect contaminants and moisture in the fuel system to allow clean filtered fuel through to the engine. Injectors can require particles as small as 5 microns to be retained and deliver consistent performance for the entire service interval. The life of a fuel filter is dependent on the amount of contaminant present in the vehicle’s fuel. Fuel Filters are designed to improve performance by providing excellent filtration even at high flow rates thereby reducing contaminants present in the fuel to allow it to be combusted more efficiently. fuel filters utilise a special low restriction filter media that is capable of handling high GPH fuel flows.

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Fuel Filter by Delphi

Diesel Filters

Gunk Shmutz. Goo. Dirt means damage to a diesel fuel injection system, so Delphi filtration products have been OE designed to block even the tiniest bits of yuck, crud and who-knows-what.
The Delphi Difference
* Designed to keep up with high pressures and fine tolerances
* Removes particles down to as little as 2 microns in size
* Optimum protection of the fuel injection system
* Patented technology and high efficiency, multi-layer design
* Coverage for a wide range of vehicles in your shop

Fuel Filter by Wix

Automotive and Light Truck Fuel Filters

A high-quality WIX fuel filter is essential for protecting advanced fuel injection systems from contaminants that may be in the fuel, allowing an engine to run trouble free and at peak mile-per-gallon performance. All of the fuel that enters the engine must first pass through the fuel filter. Which means the high efficiency and unmatched fuel cleansing performance provided by WIX fuel filters is vital for long and trouble-free fuel system and engine life. Originating from dirty and rusty service station tanks or from corrosion in fuel system components as a vehicle ages, dirt, rust, scale and water are the major impurities present in fuel. These contaminants can plug injectors and carburetors, causing engine malfunction and deterioration. WIX spin-on and cartridge-type fuel filters are engineered and built for long life and the possibility of extended service intervals. And, WIX fuel filters are simple to replace - our spin-on filters even feature built-in gaskets. In recent years many foreign nameplate automobile manufacturers have added new brackets to the packaging of their replacement fuel filters. These brackets make installing the fuel filter a less time intensive process for technicians, especially in northern environments where the bracket mounts have a tendency to rust due to adverse weather and road conditions. The bracketed fuel filter addition to WIX's product portfolio adds to the depth and breadth of our foreign nameplate product coverage.

Fuel Filter by Bosch


Bosch Fuel Filters help to protect the most expensive parts of the engine by filtering out foreign particles that can damage a fuel injector. A damaged fuel filter can result in erratic performance, poor gas mileage and in some cases, complete engine shutdown. Even the smallest particles can cause considerable wear and tear to an engine. Protecting the fuel system and the engine from harmful particles, helps to prolong the life of your vehicle. Ensure dependable and trouble-free performance with a Bosch Fuel Filter.
Key Features
* Dirt-holding capacity of 15 grams*
* Multi-layered filter media with 99% efficiency**
* Robust aluminum-, plastic-, or surface-treated steel filter housing designed to withstand high pressure thus offering a longer fuel filter service life
* Precise and reliable fuel filter connections for 100% fuel filtration

Fuel Filter by Acdelco Professional

Fuel Filters

Protect your Combustion System from contaminants with a high-quality ACDelco Professional Fuel Filter. (12-month/12,000-mile limited warranty*)
Features & Benefits
Each filter is thoroughly tested to meet your expectations for form, fit and function.
Product Facts
Traps fuel contaminants before they enter the engine's fuel delivery system.
Signs of Wear:
Rough-running engine, poor acceleration, decreased fuel economy, decreased power at high road speeds.
What It Does:
The Filtration System prevents contaminants from entering the engine and transmission while allowing enough fluid or airflow to keep them running properly.
Service & Maintenance:
Replacing your vehicle's filters on a regularly scheduled basis will help the vehicle run better and last longer. (Refer to your Owner's Manual for your vehicle's specific filter change intervals.) Clean filters contribute to better fuel economy and reduced vehicle operating costs.Whichever comes first. To the original retail purchaser. Parts only; installation not included. See your local retailer or Independent Service Center that offers ACDelco Parts for details.

Fuel Filter by BeckArnley

Fuel Filters

Filtration Products
Dedicated to having the best import coverage in critical categories, Beck/Arnley has leading coverage for the latest model years, 1995 to 2014. Also, we offer an additional 63 difficult-to-find filters and 216 more late-model filters than the filter market leaders have available. Beck/Arnley analyzes the latest vehicle data to make sure to deliver the best import coverage. We monitor trends to offer difficult-to-find parts, and always provide OE form, fit, and function for filters for European and Asian vehicles. Unlike some, we have no consolidation of parts unless OE driven.
* Complete with necessary or hard-to-find sealing rings, gaskets, and washers
* OE design so filter fits perfectly - no need to adjust brackets
* Protects the precise operation of today's fuel delivery systems
* Quality OE replacement to help maintain fuel mileage and avoid costly repairs