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When you are driving in very new terrain or at night, it is absolutely essential to check your fog lights and fog lamps. Of course if you are living in a warm place with no inclement weather you may not have much to worry about. However, if you live in a place with frigid climate that is often afflicted with cold weather conditions such as dense fog, snow or blizzards then you will have to make sure your car or truck has the right kind of fog lamps. Do not compromise on safety standards as it could be dangerous to drive with poor fog lights in such weather. You will not only pose a danger to yourself but even to others travelling on the road as they may not be able to see your vehicle approaching.

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When you are driving at night and visibility is poor you need to check whether your fog lights are functioning properly. Good lighting is critical at such times and if neglected could lead to a collision. Today most modern cars provide more than adequate lighting. Nevertheless there is a wide choice and range of fog lights to choose from. You have led fog lights, aftermarket fog lights, fog light kits, super bright fog lights, replacement fog lights, powerful fog lights, original fog lights, off road fog lights, oem fog lights, high quality fog lights and custom fog lights. You can actually have fog lights customised to suit your vehicle.

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Fog lights come in all shapes and sizes: from led fog lights to aftermarket fog lights, original fog lights to oem fog lights and powerful fog lights to super bright fog lights. Just as you have a range of fog lights for different purposes when looking for replacement parts you have a wide choice of brands and manufacturers. Some of the renowned brands are Lumen, Bosch, Dorman, Crown, Genuine and Recon. Apart from these Hella fog lights are also quite popular among vehicle connoisseurs. So also Halo projector lights are known to produce good quality fog lights.

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We cannot deny the importance of lighting in vehicles like cars and trucks. Both car lights and truck lights serve a very important purpose. All vehicles need a variety of automotive lights to keep them safe at all times and in all kinds of weather conditions. However, normal automotive headlights, whether car headlights, headlamps or truck headlights, usually reflect off the dust particles in the air, fog or snow. This can cause glare making visibility difficult as the driver may not be able to see the road ahead of him clearly. To enhance visibility in thick foggy conditions we need to use fog lights. These lights are separate units and can be used in conditions when visibility is very limited or hampered due to poor weather conditions.

Fog lights have a unique beam shape which are flat and wide. They are located near the front bumper and placed low on the car. The purpose of fog lights is to cut through the fog and light up the surface of the road so that the road is visible to the drivers and they can drive safely. Usually all vehicles have both front and rear fog lights. The front fog lights, as the name suggests, enable the driver to see the path directly ahead of the car, while the rear fog lights warn other drivers behind him that there is a car ahead. Hence it is not sufficient for the driver to see the road ahead of him. During harsh weather conditions like fog or mist it is equally important that other drivers behind him clearly know that there is a vehicle ahead of them. The front lights are usually white, although they could be yellow or blue, but the rear fog lights or automotive tail lights are always red.

Fog lights are not meant for use during normal weather conditions. In fact they could be dangerous during such times as they can disturb or distract other drivers due to their brightness. Fog lights need to be switched off when visibility comes back to normal or if the fog has reduced. Similarly regular lights can impair the visibility when driving through dense foggy conditions. So the next time you are driving through fog or mist make sure you check your car headlamp or truck headlamp and automotive headlights to make sure they are in good working condition.