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The drivetrain comprises of the transmission, driveshaft, axles and wheels of a vehicle. Located behind the transmission, its role is to propel the vehicle forward by transferring power from the transmission to the drive wheels to control the amount of torque. Its components include CV joints (constant velocity joints), the differential, axle shafts and U-joints (universal joints). The universal joint, located along driveshafts, is a coupling that connects two shafts that are at different angles to one another and both rotate freely without excess friction. Drivetrain components vary according to type of vehicle. Manual transmission cars have gears, clutches, propeller shafts and rear axles. Automatic transmission cars have torque converters, transmissions, propellers and rear axles. The crankshaft and pistons work in unison with another component in the engine called camshaft. The main function of the camshaft is to open and close the intake and exhaust valves in order to create combustion.

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The drivetrain consists of many different components like clutch kits, flywheels, differentials, drive shafts, axles, drivetrain fluids, transmission components, shifters, and transfer case components. It has two axle half shafts and cv joints. The shaft has to move up and down and change its angle. Torque is applied to the axle to rotate the wheel. You need to check the boots at the cv joints because they tend to tear after some time. If you notice grease spattered outside your car it indicates rupture and the cv joint has given way. For all quality drivetrain components reach out to PartsAvatar. We have branded replacement parts like the power train, front differential, drive train, speed sensor, camshaft sensor, slave cylinder, camshaft position sensor, crankshaft sensor, timing chain, cv boot, transaxle etc. Other parts available include the gearbox, pinion gear, gear shifter, roller bearings and ignition switch, solenoid, ball joints, sensor, outer joints, cv joints, U-joints and yokes.

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Do you have issues with the drivetrain of your vehicle? Are you looking for the components of a drivetrain? Perhaps you already know that the drivetrain is an essential component of a vehicle. When looking for replacement parts you must insist on quality products. At PartsAvatar we offer you a wide choice of good quality brands and manufacturers. The drivetrain itself consists of many different components and accessories. Popular manufacturers of these drivetrain components are: Delphi, Dayco, Hutchinson and Beck Arnley. Other well-known brands for drivetrain components include BFH, Exedy, Nachi and ATF.

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Are you experiencing vibrations while driving at high speed? There could be many reasons for vibration but you cannot tell unless you check your vehicle. One reason could be that your vehicle’s drivetrain is not functioning properly.

Typically a vehicle has a powertrain, driveline and a drivetrain. The powertrain includes everything from engine to transmission to all parts that provide power to the engine to get to the wheels. The driveline consists of all the powertrain’s components except for the engine. The drivetrain connects the engine and transmission in the vehicle to the wheel. It consists of the transmission, all driveshafts, axles, joints, differentials and wheels. In manual shift vehicles the clutch is an important component as it sends motive power to the car engine. While changing gears it tells you what speed to maintain on a highway or on a busy street. Every time you change the speed of your vehicle or slow down to take a turn the clutch enables you to manage maneuvers smoothly.

If your clutch is not working properly you will experience different problems. For example, if your engine’s rpms increase but the vehicle’s speed does not increase, the clutch might be slipping. This may be due to worn out parts or problems with the oil. If your clutch is shaking erratically perhaps the pressure plate or disc needs replacing. If your clutch does not fully release, you might have a damaged disc or pressure plate. Therefore, in order to deal with clutch problems, you may need a clutch kit or components such as a new pressure plate, disc, release bearing, pilot bearing, alignment tool etc.

The most important component in a car is, no doubt, the engine because it provides the power to spin the wheels. Another very important part is the flywheel because it helps in reducing vibration and maximizes the engine’s performance. If you hear whining sounds and feel vibration, you might have to check if the driveline is intact. The driveline includes all the parts such as the drive shafts, differentials, axles, CV-joints, universal joints, transfer cases and wheel hubs that take power from the transmission and send it to the wheels of your car. While the engine gives power to move your vehicle, the transmission allows your engine to operate within a relatively small range of speeds when your car is stopped, accelerating or travelling. This is done through a set of gear ratios in the transmission. There are three types of transmissions: manual transmission, automatic transmission and continuously variable transmissions. In the first two, gear ratios are pre-determined and they are either automatic or the driver has to select. In a CVT the gear is constantly changing based on the vehicle’s speed.

It does not matter what replacement part you are looking for, a chassis for hybrid vehicles or a starter solenoid, an automotive battery, voltage regulator or engine coolant we have it. Our quality products available online include electric motors, ecm, actuator, transmission control module, wheel bearings, gear boxes, moog ball joints, cross arms, shifter knobs, trans fluid, on off switches, custom shift knobs, clevis pins, hubs, hub caps, starters, shims and elbow grease.