ABS System - Key To Safe Driving

ABS System And Winter Driving In Canada

Winter driving can be a daunting task at times in Canada, especially in snowy or icy conditions. Most of us know that what it like driving on icy roads of Canada and for your vehicle to cope up when the temperature is about -1 ° C or -2 ° C.


You must pay attention to the winter driving rules in your area in Canada, as failure to follow them can affect insurance claims if you are in a collision. Choose the right parts for your car for smooth driving in snow and to keep your vehicle in a good condition on Parts avatar.


If road conditions are dangerous, it becomes imperative to make alternate travel arrangements or postponing your trip waiting for conditions to improve. There's nothing more frightening than having your car skid on snow while you're still struggling to control your car.


You should use your brakes effectively in order to drive safely in the winter weather and pass through slick roads.

Winters in Canada are extremely harsh. Although the only way to drive safely on snow and ice-covered roads is to drive smoothly, but it's difficult to control no sudden movements such as forcefully spinning the steering wheel or some other behavior. This can cause you to lose traction and complete control over your car.


When it comes to safety, ABS systems can help. ABS - ‘anti-lock braking system’ is a safety anti-skid braking system used on ground vehicles like trucks, cars, buses and on air-crafts as well. ABS operates by preventing the wheels from locking up during braking so that contact with the road surface is maintained.


ABS brakes are an innovative braking system that automatically combines them with your standard brakes. Press firmly on the brake pedal to enable the ABS brakes – don't let up.


You'll hear a pulsating sound and perhaps a groaning sound – that's natural. Browse through good quality ABS car parts on Parts Avatar. You can buy different types of vehicle specific ABS connectors. You can choose the type of vehicle you drive and accordingly choose the suitable connector online.


In case you already have an anti-lock braking system (ABS) in your car, do not ever "pump" the brakes. Apply constant pressure and allow the system to do its job.


ABS has four major components; Speed sensor, Valves, Electronic Control Unit and hydraulic control unit. For an effective ABS system four-channel, four center combination works best as it allows each wheel to achieve maximum braking force. Check out Driveline ABS sensors, ABS hardware, ABS Rings, ABS module on Parts Avatar. You can buy car parts, ABS connectors, quality brake parts and other automotive tools for making your vehicle winter ready in Canada at great prices. Look for never before winter offers online on auto parts in Canada only at Parts avatar.

Tips On Using The ABS System Correctly

It is important for you to take note that ABS doesn't come every time you brake for a stop (if it does, of course, your driving habits need some improvement and training!), and if it activates, it can be scary in case you've never experienced it before.


Whenever the brake pedal pulsates, a loud grinding or groaning sound is heard. It's important to keep your foot firmly on the pedal until your vehicle comes to a complete stop. Releasing the brake will deactivate the ABS and you won't get the advantage.

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