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Auto body parts consist of auto body and several different auto body parts such as car bumpers, front bumper, rear bumper, auto door parts, auto window parts, parts of a door handle etc. Generally the search for car body parts begins after an accident or through regular wear and tear. PartsAvatar offers a host of car body parts online in Canada and is worth exploring. It is a virtual auto body warehouse and offers replacement auto body parts, auto body panels, aftermarket auto body parts, quality panels, car bumpers and car door parts at discounted prices. Without compromising on quality PartsAvatar is your one stop shop for discount body parts, body parts for cars and replacement car body parts.

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Are you looking for any specific auto body part? Your search ends here. Contact PartsAvatar online for all your auto body part requirements. All varieties of body parts from different manufacturers are up for grabs: car doors, panels, hinges, locks, door handle parts, door lock actuator and spoilers. Whether you need a door handle, panel or taillight of a particular model of car you will find it here. We stock the entire range of items like bumper covers, tail lights, rocker panel, quarter panels, windshield washer nozzle, hood deflector, car fender, rear mirror, auto dimming rear view mirror, windshield wipers, exterior door handle and aftermarket parts. At PartsAvatar you can rest assured that you will get the best quality at the lowest price.

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Whether your car has had a sudden breakdown or whether your car has had a collision you know that you will need to fix your car on your own. You probably have a high deductible so it’s not worth claiming from the insurance company. Where will you get all the auto body parts at a reasonable price without spending a fortune? PartsAvatar Canada online is the answer. Whatever the body part you are looking for we have them: door hardware like hinges, latches, car door handle, door latch assembly, door trim panel, interior door handle, power window switch and power window regulator, windshield wiper arm, hood latch, hood protector, wind deflectors, led tail lights, tail light assembly or even chrome bumpers. We take care of all your car’s needs from rust repair to providing headlight covers, sheet metal, collision auto parts, door latch assembly, heat ventilation, roof sides and bumper repair kits. You can rest assured that all our products are original parts. What’s more at PartsAvatar we provide good quality original parts of popular branded companies.

The beauty and efficiency of a car usually lies in the design of its body parts. The main body parts are the visible exterior of the car and its doors and windows. The most common source of damage to these body parts is either a collision, minor dents or normal wear and tear. Sometimes damage to a door can happen when your car is parked in a parking lot and hit by a reckless driver who drives away unnoticed. Or you accidentally open the car door and hit into a wall. Regardless of how your car got damaged you will need to replace the door, window or any other part of the car if you want it to look new. Doors are one of the most important parts of the car as you use them day in day out and a number of times each day.

More and more cars are manufactured with electric windows today. Though they are very convenient to use they can also be a nuisance if they get stuck up. If your car’s windows fail to operate then it might be worth checking the main wiring electric circuit.

Another important body part of the car that deteriorates rather quickly over the years is the quarter panel. Quarter panels become rusty, cracked and dented due to their constant exposure to dusty roads and rains. If you need to replace your quarter panels then check PartsAvatar online for replacement auto body parts and place an order immediately. Your car will once again regain its lustre and beauty with new quarter panels! At PartsAvatar you can be sure to get high quality at lowest prices.