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        The air is purified by the cabin filters before it enters the cabin. The filters by Wix stop the pollutants found in the air. Whilst protecting against hay fever, eye irritation and ensuring the driver can maintain a high level of concentration this also provides comfort to passengers. For people with pollen allergies, the cabin filter is equipped with the Microban system which is an optimum solution. The Wix® cabin air filters luckily fight and capture airborne contaminants, while also preventing leaves, dirt, bugs and other debris from negatively impacting the operation of the HVAC systems heater, air conditioner and defroster. These cabin filters are now exclusive enhanced with a Microban® antimicrobial technology, which inhibits the growth of microbes by injecting and killing the cells. Together, they not only help keep negative elements from entering the interior of a vehicle, but they also keep cabin air fresh against damaging bacteria, mold and mildew. Their new high-premium XP cabin air filters are built with premium Pur-Air™technology that filters out nearly 100% of allergens like fine dust and pollen. They also absorb odours, gases and pollutants and protects against odour-causing bacteria and mold growth on the filter.

        Features & Benefits
        • High Filtration Efficiency - The Wix filters can stop particles as small as 1 micron, 70 times smaller than the thickness of human hair, thanks to properly selected filter media. This makes sure that most pollutants are trapped in the cabin filter.
        • Innovative Antibacterial Protection - The bacteria and allergens which are harmful to our health are effectively removed by Microban antibacterial system. It effectively stops pollutants and ensures clean air in the passenger cabin due to the odourless and non-toxic coating applied to the filter medium.
        • The Role of Activated Carbon - The activated carbon binds harmful gaseous particles so that the passenger cabin is free from unpleasant odours. It is possible to purchase an activated-carbon filter for most car models. The amount of carbon used in a given filter is selected to allow the filter to effectively purify the air from toxic volatile organic compounds for a long period of time.
        • Microban Technology - The entire range of cabin filters from Wix Filters are extremely effective, in terms of protecting health. They feature the Microban technology as standard, which protects the vehicle users by trapping allergens and preventing the growth of bacteria, molds on the filter and purify the air entering the cabin from particles (dust, soot, pollen).
        • Carbon Filtration Barrier - This comprises of three layers: two external ones made of synthetic non-woven fabric, capable of blocking solid particles and aerosols with the effectiveness of standard cabin air filters, and an additional third layer made of activated-carbon granules situated inside, eliminating harmful and unpleasant odours from the air passing through.
        • Adsorption Process - The harmful gases are attracted by the activated carbon. The amount of activated carbon contained in the filters makes it possible to eliminate approx. 90% of toxic chemical compounds such as ozone, hydrocarbons, and sulphur and nitrogen compounds during the entire service life of the filter.
        • Removing Unpleasant Odours - The activated carbon also eliminates unpleasant odours apart from harmful gases.


        Whether it's for automotive, diesel, racing, agricultural or industrial applications, WIX is dedicated to producing the best performing, most reliable filters in the world.

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