Sway Bar Link Or Kit by TRANSIT WAREHOUSE - 72-K750268

Part#72-K750268Brand:TRANSIT WAREHOUSE
CAD$ 16.64
CAD$ 16.64



Product Information


Transit Warehouse's every TOR Sway Bar Link Kit includes precision engineering and premium quality components. TOR stabilizer links are meticulously tested for precision fit, finish and long service life. Sway bar link kit by Transit Warehouse brings back vehicle's handling and ride performance to its initial condition. TOR stabilizer links undergo real-world testing throughout their design and development phase to provide dependable performance.

Features & Benefits

  • Transit Warehouse sway bar links are manufactured to withstand extreme weather conditions.
  • Verified material's toughness through impact resistance test to provide durable performance
  • Sway Bar Link are multi-axis vibration tested to confirm overall design durability
  • Surface coating improves corrosion resistance capabilities
  • Premium quality precision-machined components built to last
  • Guarantees long-term durability and safety

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