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Ever experienced a flat tire or breakdown while driving at full speed on a highway? Your immediate reaction is to reach out for your tool box consisting of few hand tools like jack, wrenches and jack stand. If you work as a handyman or a contractor, always keep a well-equipped tool box with claw hammers, cutters, drills, handsaws, hand tools, impact wrench, jacks, multi tools, needle nose pliers, pliers, power tools, pressure washer, punches, ratchets, sander and saw blades. If you wish to do your own repairs to save on costs make sure you also have other tools and equipment such as screws and scissors, blades, clamps, claw, chisels, ratchets, grinders, saws, dollies, drills, wrenches, multi tools, power tools, shears, sledge and stud finders. Some contractors, may also need to tow along specialist equipment such as angle grinders, rotary lift, circular saw, compression testers and floor jacks. Such needs could arise due to working with wood, stone, metal or digging, drilling or moving soil.

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Do you know that a tool box can contain a range of hand tools and accessories that come in handy when you face an emergency in a home or on the road? Generally a good tool box will have do-it-yourselves equipment like bits and bolts, screws and scissors, spray guns and staple guns, torches, floor jacks and a compression tester. Whether a house or car has a minor or a major problem it is always good to carry a tool box with additional equipment to deal with emergencies. Simple hand tools like the wrenches, bolts, screws can be handled by any person. However, if you are keen to repair your car using diys then you will need additional equipment like power tools, paint guns, soldering machines, dollies and a good quality ratchet set.


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Today there are a number of popular brands and manufacturers of tools and equipment for home repairs. Popular among these are ATD, Titan, Milwaukee, Motorcraft and OTC. Many offer power tools include drills and grinders to cordless power tools and cordless impact wrenches. If you are looking for specific tools you could check out SK, BRM , Irwin, Milwaukee or Gear Wrench brands. Sunex offers a wide range of hand tools, electrical tools and accessories.

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Whether you undertake a repair in your home, backyard, garage or in a vehicle, you will require a good set of tools and equipment. Today consumers have a wide choice of tools and equipment for auto repair, ranging from hand tools to power tools and from car accessories to battery chargers. Everything is available online - at the click of your fingers!

It does not really matter whether you need car repair, overhauling, maintenance or car parts customized according to your specific needs, you can gain easy access to all the right tools and equipment.

If you have a garage of your own and to ease your work you will need — abrasives, automotive tools, ball joint, cabinets, cords, forge, gauge, hydraulic, jack stands, liquid wrench, locks, plasma cutter, sandpaper, sockets, stubby, tape measures, tool boxes, torque tools, torque converter, trailer jacks, tube benders, utility knife, work bench, cutting tools, grinders, ratchets and several other air tools to carry out more complex repairs. Further if you procure a digital multi-meter and few consumables like electrical tape, wire ties, wire terminals, work lights and equipment like drills, sanding discs, saw blades and grinding bits you will even be able to perform the job of an electrician!

Different tools have different purposes. Use wrenches, sockets and ratchets for manipulating fasteners, hex-head bolts and nuts. Make use of handsaws for cutting wood, hacksaws for cutting through metal, cutters for slicing through wire or tubing, and scissors or knives for cutting cardboard, paper or other materials. You will need to use special gripping tools or components like snap rings and clamps and pliers including needle nose pliers for manipulation.

In the old days people used cordless electric tools for only limited light work. Today, however, there is a sea change in the types of tools and equipment we use. For example cordless drills, saws and impact wrenches that bring speed and long lasting power work faster than simple hand tools. If you need to drill holes, drive screws, tighten bolts, cut wood, or grind or polish metal power tools with cordless battery power can help you get the job done swiftly and with ease. You only need to ensure safety measures are followed to derive maximum benefit from modern day tools and equipment.